Tips for liking someone better


Yahoo! posted this link this morning

8 tips for liking someone better (or disliking that person less)

But let us not forget the wise words of the Little Flower, St. Therese, who said,

Each time I met her [the sister who displeased me in everything], I prayed to God for her; offering Him all of her merits and virtues. I felt that this pleased Jesus. (…) Jesus, artist of the souls, is happy when we don’t stop at the outer layer, but delve deeper, right to the inner core of the soul, where Jesus has chosen to live, and where we can admire its beauty.


[The sister who displeased me said to me] “Would you tell me (…) what draws you to me? Each time you look at me, I see you smile.” Oh, what attracted me was Jesus, hiding in the depth of her soul…Jesus, who sweetens what is most bitter…I answered her that I smiled because I was happy to see her [in a spiritual way].


Thanks, I especially needed that today.
It really does help to pray for the person, and now I will offer her merits and virtues too.

BTY, here’s another Therese story I love: Hidden Roses
St.Therese often referred to her body as an envelope, and the letter within, her soul.
All saw the envelope and judged her by it, rather than the letter inside which they could not see, but which told the real story. As a result, she was often misread, for example:
One day some of the sisters were asked to pick apples in the orchard. It was a beautiful day, and Therese so longed to be outside instead of sewing. However, she put her things away slowly so another could go out instead. This little sacrifice and act of kindness was seen by the others as laziness.


This is great! Thanks for posting.


Very helpful, thanks! Especially St. Therese’ “input”. :thumbsup:


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