Tips for Me On How To Control a Certain Behavior?

Okay here is the story. If you are annoyed with me or my posts then just stop reading here.

Day after day immediately after something happens I question myself “Was that just a mortal sin?” Usually then I start to panic and worry sets in immediately, but then it quiets down. Does anyone have any tips on how to possibly stop this kind of behavior? This just happened again a few minutes ago.

Side question: How likely do you think it is for a scrupulous person to commit an **actual **mortal sin?

Thanks, and may God bless you all and may our Blessed Mother always protect and be with each and everyone of you!

By the way, there is a regular church that I go to for confession, but it is not always the same priest. I understand that a regular confessor is very important.

At some point, you do have to start forming the opposite habit from the one you’ve permitted yourself to form.

This would involve, first of all, having direction from a trusted Confessor as to how you should approach your scrupulosity. Secondly, it might involve only allowing yourself to examine a particular sin once, and to then force yourself to adhere to this decision.

There is a possibility here, as I would imagine there is in most cases of scrupulosity, that your emotions are absolutely reeking havoc on your reason. There is a need to get those emotions back in line, and to be submissive to your reason. That can only be accomplished through consistently willing such a thing, and eventually forming a habit.

But in your individual case, who knows? You may require actual counseling and many other things. There may be issues ranging from actual OCD to a deep-rooted pride. This is why, once again, you should submit yourself to a trusted priest, and do what he tells you.

Yes, I do think scrupulous people can commit mortal sin: of course!

For the first part of your question, don’t try to stop/contril it, you’ll just exasperate and reinforce it. But let it run its course, and then pass by you. Like a storm. Tell yourself, the storm is coming through, hold tight and do not identify with that feeling. Look at it as something separate from yourself, and do not react to it. Then over time, it will have no effect on you and will cease.

The side question, do not know.

Of the three criteria for mortal sin, “grave matter” seems to me to be the most objective for a person suffering from scruples. Perhaps it would help you to consider the areas you usually question/doubt and then decide ahead of time which sins in that category you think merit the label “grave.” Pornography, masturbation, lying to one’s parents, sneaking out past curfew, theft, missing Mass, abortion, slander, etc: I would argue that these things are grave; they’re seriously wrong. But if you’re not sure about a particular sin, it probably isn’t grave. It might still be wrong and worth confessing, but I don’t think most things we say impulsively or thoughts we think instinctively would fall under grave matter.

Nevertheless, the best advice for a scrupulous person is to find a single confessor you trust and then follow their advice regarding confession, doubts, etc to the letter.

I think it is bad avice to tell someone to ignore a bad habit or to count on being scrupulous to mitigate sins. Bad habits should be acknowledged and an honest attempt to break the habits or sins. These problems don’t just disappear "like a storm,"but rather can become ingrained in the fabric of your spiritual life.

I would rather suggest that one should pray and seek support from THE HOLY SPIRIT, from members of CF a priest, and employee “diversionary tactics” whenever and as often as possible. And pray, pray, pray.

When tempted do something else, occupy the mind, do jumping jacks if you have to, but make the attempt to dispel bad habits and scrupulosity.

People who are scrupulous are capable of committing al kinds of sins esp. if they are of the age of reason and intelligent enough to divert blame to scrupulosity. Just my opinion. Peace.

Please keep in mind this simple fact - You cannot accidentally commit a mortal sin! By the very fact you did not willfully and deliberately consent to sin. (Of course some sin may be very serious and a mortal sin if deliberately committed, but you have to give full consent of your will to commit a sin)

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