Tips/Ideas for certain problems in cleaning floors


Sorry if this is icky, but its been something I have not been able to figure out and have received such good advice on here before for other things that I decided to give it a try. Does anyone have problems cleaning hair off the floor? I have long, thick hair and I have the toughest time cleaning the floors. Regular brooms and mops haven’t cut it, neither does the wet jet swiffer. I always end up having to pick each hair from the floor or the broom/mop since all they do is stick to broom/mop and travel to a different spot. I have tile and linoleum floors, the linoleum gets most traffic and that brings me to the second problem.
The linoleum floors gets some scuff, rubberish marks and other stains that are very difficult to clean (a mop won’t clean it). These are stains from shoes rubbing or other items sliding on the floor, not food stains or anything like that. I have to sit there and scrub a lot to get rid of the stains.

Does anyone know of any products/ tricks that I can use to clean my floors? I would rather not have the scrub all the floors on hands and knees as the usual way of cleaning (it didn’t even work to send me into labor with my pregnancies). :slight_smile:


DH uses a hoover floor machine on her bruce wood floors and carpet, she swears by it. we use a bissel steamer on our ceramic tile. I vacuum first with the shark to get dust bunnies, hair, crumbs etc. and that makes all the difference. what I do with hair in the bathroom floor is move it all to one corner, pick it up with toilet paper and throw in the toilet, I also do this with the sink.


Sometimes rubber scuff marks come right back up with a rubber shoe, of all things. Use a twisting motion instead of a rubbing motion and it kind of acts like an eraser.

As for hair, can you run a vacuum cleaner over it without it blowing away? What about one of those really fluffy type static sweepers? How about putting a sort of tape bumper sticky side out on the dry swiffer or broom after sweeping up the rest of the stuff? Just trying to brainstorm.


Mr. Clean magic eraser takes off scuff marks on tile, vinyl or laminate. But don’t use it on real wood, it will scratch the finish.

I would vaccum the hard floors, but make sure you clean the beater bar regularly. Human hair will cut into the roller, or get wound up under the belt.




Hi! Thanks for all these ideas… While you are on a roll I have one more issue I wanted to ask about… I was using regular mops but they seem to get stinky so fast even though I clean them after every use. I have tried air drying them inside and outside the house, but they still get stinky (and are hard to clean).
Any suggestions?



See the thread I started in the Family Life area about new products - I posted a link to an awesome mop that I just love!

With regard to the long hair issue - mine is down to the middle of my back, and DH is like a walking rug. :smiley: I vacuum first, then dry swiffer, then wet mop with the nifty new mop. This seems to work pretty well, even though it is quite a bit of work. For quick floor clean ups in between the weekends (I clean house mostly on Saturday) I use Clorox wipes to pick up the spare hairs on the floors.



i dont know about you guys… but i just run my feet over the floor in a circular motion over and over where the hair is and the hair just gets picked up that way… i picked it up from my mom and it works…!!!

i know my ex was amazed how i did it… wish i could show it to you guys… but it really works and is very fast… and no bending…

try it once…


Our bathroom floor always has hairs on it! I wait until it’s dry and vacuum it up. —KCT


do what i did and go buy some carpet-- problem solved!! a product called Goof off is good for scuffs, at walmart. we just carpeted our kitchen with some carpet with no pad. our linoelum was really old and couldnt get or keep it clean.


There is a new mop advertise where you throw it in the washer, next time I need a mop that is the one I will get. I am just thinking, tho, back to when I had kids, and stuff mop picked up like pins, nutshells etc. so be careful to rinse it out first and get stuff out that would mess up the washer.

just asked DD she says Mr Clean magic eraser does everything it claims, and is a great product, she cleans more than I do.


mr clean eraser is GREAT! really good on painted walls getting scuffs off. you can use an old wash cloth and put it on your swiffer sweeper and spray cleanner on floor and then just rinse out and throw in washer and saves on having to buy swiffer sheets all the time!


Where do they sell that mop? I was looking into a sweep n mop but I am always a bit unsure about infomercial products.


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