Tipsy driving; is it sinful or not?

I went out with a friend to the bar last night and had two beers. I was feeling kind of tipsy but I drove home anyway. I was not drunk, but my body was feeling some effects. I had absolutely no trouble driving, but if I had been pulled over I probably would have blown over the .08 limit, because .08 isn’t as high as many think it is. Was this a MORTAL or VENIAL sin? Or was it even a sin at all? I would appreciate the insight. Thanks.

P.S: I appreciate it if you kept the answers to the mortal/venial aspect of the question. I know the dangers of drinking and driving already. I just want to know if what I did was sinful or not, and if so, to what degree.

Dear friend,

When one feels tipsy, he may feel comfortable driving, but his reflexes are definitely reduced. Considering the potential pain and loss of life to others that such disregard can cause, such behavior is closer to mortal sin than I would want to be.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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