Tired of being the nice girl 👧


I have been a christian for 24 years and I am so tired of being nice to people. It seems like the nicer I am the more I get walked on. However, I love Jesus and I have to “turn the other cheek” bit here lately my emotions are getting the better of me and I feel like I just can’t do it anymore.
So, how do you be a follower of Jesus when you can’t stand the human race?


We accept suffering but also include justice which is not allowing to be trodden down by others


Jesus himself wasn’t nice. He did what needed to be done and said what needed to be said regardless of how you felt about it.

Turn the other cheek =/= being a doormat.


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You should check out this book:


Since when does being a nice girl mean you have no backbone and don’t have the guts to say no, never tell another person they are wrong, and basically never take a stand for your faith? Was St. Philomena a nice girl?


I think the trick is learning how to be kind while also setting boundaries.

It is possible to be both kind and not a doormat. Learning that balance isn’t easy though.


Thanks. I’m gonna check this out.


Here is the question — are you nice because you genuinely believe in peace?

Or are you nice because you fear reprisals for standing up for yourself.

Know that if you stand up for yourself, the other person won’t always just back down. You might actually have to fight and stand your grounds, and keep fighting over and over.

Does this scare or exhaust you?

Or could you totally put the other person in their place, but choose not to?

Meekness from a place of weakness is not virtue.
Meekness from a place of strength and total control is.


Our lady wasn’t a ‘nice girl’ she was a tough cookie. Same with Mary Magdalene. And the risen Jesus appeared to the women first. Jesus loves women and he wants you to be kind but he doesn’t want you to be a pushover.


We are family. If you love God then try to love people because flawed though we are we have God within us. Made in the likeness of God doesn’t refer to our bodies but our souls, I believe.


Agreed. The word for Christian meekness comes from the idea of carrying a sheathed sword. You must be strong enough to carry a sword, but you must have the courage, strength and wisdom to know when to use it.


Wow. I love that!


Grow in the story of Saint Joan of Arc. :wink:


Will do. Thank you!


Sometimes you gotta flip dem tables.


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Nice and doormat are not the same thing.

As you continue to mature, you learn to establish and enforce boundaries, remove abusive people from your circle, and learn how to be nice and giving while also being firm and smart.

Also, nice and virtuous aren’t the same thing either. We are called to virtue, not to niceness.


I’m both if that makes any sense. Sometimes I’m scared but other times I know I could totally put them in their place.


Maybe that’s part if my problem. I need more female role models

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