Tired of Dogmatic Answer

Hello there, I have been trying to connect science and religion together, and I know what you guys might think. “This guy is doing something useless”. But hear me out, after thinking “does science and religion clashes with each other?”, I found the answer by googling and it says “religion does not clash with science as long as both of them didn’t venture into each others specialization”.
Then my quest for some provable and reasonable truth started.
So I went to a lot of parishes, but neither of the priest got the answer that I expected.
Questions like "does human free will exist?"
will only get me so far with the answer that God gave us free will , blablabla ,you know the rest.
Anyone knows where I can get help? Or anyone knows anyone that can be an inspiration here?
Like a scientist who became a saint?
Thanks for the help!

I’d suggest you begin with Peter Kreeft.


What is your actual question?



The Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science put out by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome.



It has already been answered by the others.

For everyone who have replied, I give my greatest thanks!

Oh. Okay then.

Yet I still fail to see the question or the answer?


I suggest reading The Case for The Creator.

St. Ignatius encouraged the study of math and science and he sent many missionaries to China and other countries who extremely well educated. Read about him you will find some interesting things

That is St Ignatius Loyola from Spain

Science = "what is"
Religion = “what should be”

Different tools for different problems.

Baquette, I read a book titled Faith vs. Fact by Jerry A. Coykne, but you might not like it he is a scientist.

St. Albert Magnus is a Dominican saint, the teacher to one of the most, brilliant theologians in history (St. Thomas Aquinas), and patron Saint of scientists!

EDIT: Here is the New Advent article on him: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01264a.htm

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