Tired of Seeing the Same Old Anti-Catholic Arguments


Well, I’m back for good. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year or two (my how time flies) posting on a vehemently anti-catholic forum in an attempt to inject some sanity to the constant barrage of arguments. The sad thing about sites like that (won’t tell you the name, but rhymes with (Edited) is that you just can’t reach the people with the real Catholic position.
*]You tell them we don’t worship Mary… they know the “truth” - of course we do. :rolleyes:[/LIST][LIST]
*]You tell them the Eucharist is not cannibalism… they know it is. :rolleyes:[/LIST][LIST]
*]You tell them purgatory is not a “second chance” to “work” your way to heaven… they “correct” you. :rolleyes:[/LIST]
It’s the same set of tired and unsupported arguments over and over again - based on bias and misunderstanding. I guess some people figure that the more you repeat a lie, the more it will be accepted. What is really sad is that they are absolutely convinced that they understand the Catholic faith better than any Catholic because… isn’t it obvious we are in bondage. :mad:

Well, I’m finished bashing my head against that wall. I just don’t need that aggravation any more. Aside from a half-dozen persons who seemed genuinely open to dialogue, it was not a place for the weak in faith.

I’m coming home to the CA forums where I can read some sanity again.

Any of you tired of seeing the same old anti-Catholic rhetoric being spewed forth again and again by those christians who claim to “know” what we “really” believe?



Hey Robert!!
"(Edited)**" just logged off over there. Yes, it can certainly be exasperating at times and there have been times I’ve allowed the mean spiritedness get the best of me. It is amazing the difference… this feels like a spiritual retreat, that total spiritual warfare. **
**I agree, the same old arguments, rehashed, are still the same old arguments. Those caught in the spokes of that circle don’t stand much a chance of getting off without any charity or mercy we may offer. I’ll continue to post there… not as much and not as often. **
Really glad to see you here!!


Welcome back, Robert.

Those who peddle anti-Catholic lies fall into two camps: the ignorant and the deceitful. I find that the easiest way to expose which camp our interlocutors fall into is to post the relevant excerpt from the Catechism. After all, the Catholic Church has the superior advantage over Protestants that her teaching is written down, authoritative, and widely-disseminated.


Hi Robert. Yes, anti-Catholicism does get really old, really fast. I don’t know which site you’re referring to, but God bless you for trying.:slight_smile: Attacks on the Blessed Mother really get me upset, which is part of the reason I try to observe the First Five Saturdays.


I know the forum you’re speaking about. I was there for one week. The uncharitable, mean spirited, hurtful and outright attacks against all Catholicism was too much for me. I tried to promote the fact that we were connected through our faith in Jesus Christ. I couldn’t believe I was attacked for that. I told them our Lord taught us to love our enemies and explained we were not enemies so surely we could love those of a different opinion. That just fueled their apparent hatred of Catholics.:eek:

I wrote their administrators about it and was told, whether you realize it or not protestants really dislike Catholics. He also claimed, Catholics followed a false doctrine. I wrote him back and told him I was surprised as I belonged to other forums that forbid attacks on anyone’s faith. He passed the email to the head administrator and answered me himself stating that the Catholic Church was the anti-christ. :mad:

The head administrator wrote me back and was more worried I was going to flame them on other forums than the problems that existed. She explained that they do not allow attacks on individuals but they do allow attacks on false religions. :frowning:

I responded and told her it should be plainly posted for Catholics to see that they consider Catholics to be a false religion, even though the Roman Catholicism was their busiest board. The purpose of the board was to discuss Roman Catholicism theology. There was no discussion there, it was a free for all against Catholicism. I told her I would not be back and would tell any Catholics that brought the subject up that their forum should be avoided. I told her I found it hard that they read the bible and followed Christ and displayed no apparent love or charity. I finished with I would pray over the experience, them and all the posters on their forum.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It gave me headaches, I couldn’t sleep and I felt sick at some of their posts.

The only positive experience was, they don’t attempt to convert anyone…they hate us that much.

I am so thankful for CAF and the fact that they don’t tolerate such behavior. :thumbsup:

May the peace of the Lord be with you all.
Prodigal Son1


Oh I feel so normal now… I only lasted a week there too… frustration, emails to and from mods… got the same… Catholics are not only wrong but the evil anti-Christ. Ahhh… I am normal!!!


Robert, welcome back. I’ve had a few unpleasant posts over there too, and I have no intention of going back. The hate just radiates from my computer screen where I’m on that site.


Oh I’m afraid I wouldn’t last 2 minutes there. Just reading Prodigals son’s post made my blood boil :mad: Oh my!! I think I’ll stick to CA :slight_smile: Not that I post much apologetics but I sure like to read all I can.


Ahh, (Edited), a very troubled person.
Sadly you can’t put moderators on IGNORE,
I tried.
Pray that she will begin to love Jesus deeply and thoroughly.


I guess we all need to spread the truth of Catholicism more, huh?:thumbsup: :shrug:


You might be encouraged (just a little, perhaps) to know that the Vatican is preparing a guide to help Catholics engage in dialogue with other religions.

“Jesus has revealed the truth about God and about man and that is why it is the Good News for us,” continued Cardinal Tauran. “We cannot put it under the bushel basket. Our Christian life should illuminate the entire house.”

However, he added, it is necessary to “prepare them to share their spiritual convictions, while keeping in mind those of others.”

While many of you find these attacks on other forums, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. People are still cast in the same mold of “my opinion is law.” It happens here at CAF as well, and causes many sleepless nights for sincere people who try to bring light to others. We often have to simply shake the dust.


Anti-catholicism is founded on fallacies, insanity, and confusion. Trying to inject truth and reason into it is a bit, uh, pointless. But! I salute you for going to the effort out of love of enemies. salute

Yes, I’m tired of the same arguments. But it won’t go away. Ever. Things will just get worst and worst and worst, until the antichrist comes. Then there will be a global persecution of the Church.

But in the end, Jesus will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his Kingdom will have no end - so we have Hope! :slight_smile: :yup:

The best thing to do when someone starts attacking the faith of the Church is to ask them why they believe what they believe. Chances are, they got their information mixed up or from a rather unreliable source. Plus, they don’t expect you to ask them to defend their position - so it really throws them for a loop :wink:


I ordered a book last year from Amazon that St. Francis de Sales wrote called The Catholic Controversy. This holy saint was so intent upon rescuing those who had defected from the true faith that he went to rather extraordinary means. There were none of the rapid means of communication that we are privileged with today, but he managed to circulate many of his own tracts that gave solid argument for the errors of his day.

In the Bull of Canonization we learn that his spirit was so aggravated that “his bile turned into stone which had been broken up into the smallest imaginable particles.”

The good news is that while he may not have converted the many he ardently desired to save, he himself became a saint in the process. We also learn that he gave up this painful effort and devoted his efforts instead to helping Catholics become holier. The little classic, Introduction to a Devout Life, is a most inspirational guide that has achieved his noble purpose beyond his imaginings.

Is God speaking to us?


I am not aware of the site you mention but I have been reading a lot on here and slowly I am responding. I lurk more than I respond as I learn even more about our faith.

I read the second letter of Paul to Timothy and I think that summed up most of it when trying to explain to people our faith. Hang in there and do it with love!! :thumbsup:


responding to the OP.
Yes, doesn’t it seem odd that those who are the “true christians” with their bible and pastor, seem to be the most intolerant and hateful persons.:rolleyes:
it makes you wonder


This might be a good time to point out the CAF fundraising appeal on the main page. Catholic Answers Forums are an utterly unique place where interfaith dialogue is both encouraged and kept civil and charitable.

Please consider supporting this effort with a donation. I donate monthly myself. After all, you do get more edification here than on cable TV, right? :thumbsup:


I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I was on a different site for a few weeks and got tired of banging my head against the wall. They would ONLY allow the 1611 KJV to be referred to. If you quoted any other version (even plain English) the moderator threatened to ban you.
They never answered any question or responded to statements, they just sort of ganged up and flamed any statement anyone else made.
It finally sunk in what was going on, and I realized there are only about 6 people who post there. They merely wait until some Catholic wanders onto the board and do a gang attack.
Once I stated on the board that I would be back later in the day to respond to something because my wife was waiting for me to go work out with her.
The ladies on the board responded that I should not be subject to my wife and that I was “not a real man” because I let her order me around!
That’s when I realized I was just a hamster on a wheel there and gladly left. I think they are probably content in their compound and happy that I’m gone…:slight_smile:

Oh, and you are absolutely right, Teflon. I’ve been putting that off, but it is definitely time for me to pony up and support this site.


One of the reasons why the anti-catholics’ arguments are always the same is because anti-catholics always misunderstand what the Church believes, celebrates, and prays. If they could just find out what the Church really believes, maybe they’d have a really good argument against the Church…or maybe they’d convert. :wink:



I haven’t bashed my head against a wall for a week or more. Can someone PM with the site that is being discussed so I cna try my hand at banging for a bit?

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