Tired of the constant immorality of American TV shows, not to mention the lecturing by leftists? Let me save you from it

Discover international TV.

For example, here’s a terrific police procedural TV series from Australia with 5 or so seasons: City Homicide. Clever murder mysteries, and almost no leftist lectures. Either on Amazon or Netflix.

Or best of all, discover South Korean TV. Try Vagabond (Netflix I believe) is an action packed TV series with 16 episodes. Bullets and fists fly, lots of twists and turns in the plot, and a mystery at the middle of it, the downing of an airplane which killed hundreds, including a large contingent of children.

That much of the plot could be on American TV. Here’s what you would never, ever see on American TV: the lead male and female characters, both in their 20s, are virgins. NOT MAKING THIS UP.

The lead woman character is a spy for the Korean NIS and the lead male is a martial arts expert and stuntman. Picture this ripped 20 something man blushing when teased about his virginal status. The person doing the teasing suggests the man marry. Yes, marry! Nothing at all about an affair! I couldn’t believe it, but the characters are utterly entertaining and likeable.

When the lead lady is hospitalized, the tough martial arts lead character heads to the chapel where he sits before the cross to CRY and PRAY for the her. Yes, not making this up.

I note that Netflix must have 20 or more South Korean TV series that are romances. If Vagabond is anything to go by, lots of people are heading to South Korean romances to find actual love between characters.

I would love to hear about any other suggestions (besides books, of course) as an escape from American TV.


I used to watch curling on a Canadian television station. It was very tranquil.


Curling, wow. I tried it once many years ago but I agree it is an easy to watch sport with little anger, no fighting, slow pace, and quiet execution. Like golf, a good way to spend an afternoon in a relaxed state.

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Picture this: a 20 something man who is good at his job, doesn’t have to be “ripped” to be the lead character, and whose sex life isn’t even brought up, let alone is he teased about it on the show.

I don’t think the shows you are trying to sell us on are as virtuous as you think they are.


I don’t know, I can sort of see why the OP finds it refreshing. I’ve never seen this show, but a lot of times virgins in movies and on TV are depicted as socially awkward dorks. If this character is a virgin but also undeniably a bada*s, then it’s a nice counterpoint to the notion that male virgins are pathetic/unmanly.


May i point out that MURDER shouldn’t be considered entertainment
in movies or on TV. There’s something wrong about a new murder to solve
every week.

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Hi, well, I’m the original poster, and I didn’t mean to didn’t mean to suggest that Vanguard or any of the other Korean TV shows we’ve watched have been virtuous entirely. Certainly not. Just that they seemed to fall back to the status of some of the US films before World War II in terms of marriage and sex. There was a real romance here, between two people who didn’t fall into bed together,

My husband and I have now watched Stranger (a Korean murder mystery with about 15 episodes), which also features a male and female lead, and no, yes, no sex. Then we watched Signal another 15 episode Korean TV series,.

And *Signal; had the most incredible romance between this policeman -maybe 25 or older - who was almost too shy and bumbling to speak to a girl, even though he was brilliant at hunting criminals. The girl lead was a brand new to the police force, Everybody else treated her as the pretty nitwit who just should serve coffee but he insisted on treating her as an incoming police officer.

I didn’t think I would like Signal because it’s about time shifting (too complicated to go into it) and three horrible real life crimes in Korea, but the writing was superb. It was funny as well gripping.

I know it’s a pain to have to read the lines, but if you are truly as sick and tired as I am of American TV, you should give it a try.


How about watching no TV?


I actually love books more than TV, but my husband and I have been watching an hour TV show before bed,

I would love to hear from other people who have other suggestions for TV, for those who do enjoy TV sometimes. Anybody else watch international TV and can suggest something?

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I don’t have cable, but I love watching HGTV whenever I am in a place where there is cable TV (e.g., my workplace during my breaks).

For a month now, I’ve been home recovering from knee replacement surgery. I’m back at work part time, so still a lot of time at home. And I’ve been watching a lot of TV–it’s hard to read when I’m lying on the sofa with an ice pack on my knee, and while I was taking the pain meds, I would often fall asleep.

I’ve found plenty of wholesome TV to watch. I watch a lot of the news shows in the morning–they are frustrating when it comes to bias against the President and the Republic party in general, but there are a lot of good, uplifting stories about ordinary people who are doing good things in their part of the country.

I love watching our local news–I think it’s important to know what’s going on right where I live. Our local newspaper now costs way too much ($3 for about ten pages of articles–it used to be $1, and that was fair), so I get my news from television and radio now.

I love watching shows about home improvement–even though I don’t get HGTV, there are still shows on about flipping houses, re-modeling, building, etc. And I love watching shows about “Great Homes of Europe” or “American Mansions,” or “Architectural Styles”–I just love looking at other peoples’ houses!

I LOVE WATCHING HISTORY SHOWS, and there are plenty of these on public TV. Public TV also has a lot of beautiful nature shows. And the Ken Burns series are amazing–any of them are great–I especially love the one about National Parks, and the one about country music.

I love watching the old movies–lately they’ve been showing the old horror movies (because we’re coming up to Halloween), and I’ve watch the old movie “The Haunting” with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom at least 4 times now–LOVE the novel and love Julie Harris and Claire Bloom together!

My husband and I love watching Collector’s Call, which is a fun show about people who collect things. My favorite so far, believe it or not, is the Barbie collection–I don’t even like Barbie that much, but the collection was fabulous! I also loved watching the episode about the Superman Museum collection in Metropolis, Illinois–we’ve been there years ago, but now my husband and I hope to do a trip down there as soon as COVID-19 is not a threat. (It’s a LOOOOOONG way from Northern Illinois to Metropolis, IL–we are a loooooong state!).

And of course, there are the old comedies like Bob Newhart, Dick Van Dyke, The Honeymooners, Carol Burnett, etc.–a lot of these are on channels like ME-TV, which are still free (not cable).

And the old westerns–those are always fun and have a good moral message.

Lots to watch, and I have no shame about resting on the sofa watching TV especially while recovering from surgery. If I were in full health, I would not be watching as much, but there are a lot of people who have little choice but to watch TV (homebound, elderly, mobility issues, etc.), and there is plenty of wholesome stuff to watch.

The death of physical newspapers cannot be far off as the same issue is true in many countries where print newspapers now cost ludicrous sums as few people are buying them except the very old or people doing so out of loyalty to a particular paper.

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Aside from game shows (for my parents who are sick, shut-in, and in need of diversion, I don’t watch any game shows except for Jeopardy! because getting excited over consumer goods isn’t my thing) and the news, all we ever watch, are the “oldies” channels such as MeTV, Decades, GetTV, and so on. We also watch the old shows on Amazon Prime. Our TV is basically “rusted on 1970”.

I do like Seinfeld as well. I approach it as a kind of “minstrel show” where the lampooned characters are secularized, self-centered, religion-free contemporary white Americans — “look what happens when people are totally of this world”. The same can be said of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is so over-the-top that it makes Seinfeld look like The Brady Bunch. That, too, is an occasional guilty pleasure of mine.

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I agree with you, but I’m sorry about this.

A local newspaper is a place where ordinary citizens can write letters and make their voices heard. For several years, I have had columns regularly published in our local paper (including a stock picture of me that doesn’t look half bad!).

With the demise of the newspaper, our only other “voice” is “online”, along with countles of other millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, and all those other platforms. Many of the “liberal” voices on these platforms are not employed and certainly don’t live where I live–they spend all day (and/or night) filling the online world with liberal persuasion pieces, drowning out local people who actually live a life. These platforms make it seem that anybody with one eye and half sense is “liberal”, and that most conservatives are old, ignorant, sheltered, fanatical, racist, homophobic, gun-loving, fat, and addicted to a dead Christian religion. So when young people go online, they believe that the liberal viewpoint is the only logical viewpoint, and everything else must be rejected (and made fun of online, where no one can argue with them and make them feel “not safe”).

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I plead guilty as charged to everything except the “ignorant” bit :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(In all seriousness, I am not homophobic either. I love gay people, I just hate what they do in bed — it’s one of the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. I have had at least three gay family members, probably more than that, if the truth were known, and gay acquaintances, classmates, neighbors, coworkers, customers, all my adult life. Always got along with them famously.)

I don’t take the local paper because it’s become prohibitively expensive. Even their online edition is too expensive. There is a free “pony edition” of a nearby city’s daily, tailored to our community, and I look at that sometimes, it’s an excellent paper.

There’s actually a really cheesy rom com series I enjoy watching (Turkish drama ). The actors are cute and entertaining to watch. It’s a secular show, so no religion, and the actors dress like Americans but it’s surprisingly refreshing to see them have a relationship without intense makeout/sex scenes. In fact, they mostly just hug or kiss lightly. But the cheesiness of romcom tropes (like slow motion scenes) tends to be offputting.

South korean dramas are very popular here too.

As a non American, I don’t care for politics being in my show as long as it isn’t immoral politics rather than just neutral ones (like imitating politicians, or diversity). Like when they try to normalise abortion. That’s just annoying. You just know that the writers pat themselves on their backs for being soo brave.

I like the Scandinavian shows on Netflix, such as Young Wallander. The characters are interesting, but nearly as fascinating is the scenery and the interiors, mostly minimalist furniture and design. Everything seems very spare and austere. Also a series set in Wales, Hinterland.

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