Tired of the same old Protesant line


Every time I try and talk to a Protestant person on just about anything, it’s the same old line “Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour”? And they add, because if you do, then you will be saved. I personally know that that is too easy and although I of course do accept Him, I don’t feel I have to keep repeating that same old phrase. And what do you tell Protestants about us being Baptised, therefore that is where our Born Again comes in. they don’t believe this. One more question is they don’t believe Mary was a virgin…how does one explain any of this? Thak you. :slight_smile:


I recently had a Baptist tell me, “It says in the bible that you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour to be saved.” To which I responded - actually no - that isn’t in the bible. She was totally amazed at that!


But the Protestant did point out to me that it was in the Bible. It actually does say it. Now what?


BELIEVE:D :thumbsup:


ALLFORHIM, I noticed in your profile it says under religion you are “a child of God”. So what religion is that?? Just curious.:slight_smile:


I think you mean a perpetual virgin.–right?
We all believe she was a virgin when Christ was born:D It is her perpetual virginity that is in question. I, for one, dont care about this issue. I think this is a side issue that honestly I wish protestants would just drop it because we arent going to change each others mind.:wink: Dont you agree. You should probably let that one go.


I forgot what I put:o Christianity:thumbsup: I have been born again and have been adopted into God’s family and therefore am a child of God.:thumbsup: I guess it would be equivalent to your original statement—Born again believer because I accepted Christ as my Savior.:smiley:


She does. She’s been literally washed and sanctified, and she is literally fed daily with the Bread of Eternal Life. She’s got Jesus not only in her “spiritual heart,” but in her flesh-and-blood heart, too. :wink:


You might be right or are you her husband!! or boyfriend!! How do you know!! I want your powers:p LOL Just being goofy but seriously How do you know?


I agree, but they said a virgin is not possible. Oh well, that is their problem :smiley:


(With apologies to Bill Clinton) It depends what you mean by “virgin.”



Really!!! The ones youve talked to actually dont believe in the virgin birth at all:eek:

P.S. Reagrding JM post and my response–I am in no way saying you dont have Jesus in your heart. I think it is dangerous and judgemental to say we know someone else does. If you say you do I will have to believe you because I am not God and I dont know you to even suggest anything:)


LOL I thought with Bill Clinton it was what is the definiton of sexual relations.:eek:


Because she’s a good Catholic, and all good Catholics are literally washed and sanctified in the Sacrament of Baptism. We literally receive Jesus, the Bread of Life every day at Mass, and He comes into our heart and into our body every single time. :thumbsup:

In fact, I think Catholics have even more assurance of salvation than Protestants, because we can see and touch the means by which Christ comes to us, sanctifies us, and feeds us with His Bread of Life. We don’t have to rely on feelings, or worry about whether it “shows” or not. :wink:


The only comment I care to make about this statement is that I am not catholic so you know where I stand as born again christian. Enough said:D


“Lord and savior”, yes. “Personal”, I still can’t figure it out.

I have never met Jesus. If I meet him in this life, I will have a heart attack and die on the spot.

There was much more to him than was written.

My dad I personally knew. There was much more to him than was ever written.

Personal is for bankers and pan pizzas. Any attempt to personalize Jesus is an insulting attempt to bring him to your own deficient level of understanding of him.

That’s my two cents, anyway.


I’m just not sure how much more “personal” you can get than Confession and the Eucharist.




Hi Jm and Mark,

I am still working on my relationship with Christ as Im sure you guys are. Jesus wants us to completely trust him and how can you trust someone you dont know very well. That is why it is important to read Scripture and pray so we experience His fellowship. This is difficult to understand,I know but not impossible to have.:thumbsup: I will pray for God to help you understand this concept.:thumbsup:


Head up north - more Catholics and Lutherans there. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about Baptist’s views of Mary, though. I’ve always found it odd that people would let their kids wait until they were 12, 13, 14, etc. to be baptised. What if they got killed or something before then?

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