I really need to clarify what really constitutes tithe paying.Is it only the income from ones work or does it include monetary gifts received.
I mean what is counting based on?Need to know.


We are not required to give a specific % of our income; therefore, in my opinion, it is counting based on your trust in the Lord. We are giving back what God has given us.

It is always easier said than done. :blush:


it includes whatever commitment you and your family, after prayer and discussion have decided.


I would describe a tithe to be a protion of the gifts you receive from God…Now what constitutes a gift?

We are given talents, which we use in the course of our lives…this can be as a hobby, our brain power - the intellect we use in our work etc. Talents help us learn, relate to others and earn.

We are given time…our lives are a gift from God. There is the time that defines the limits of our lives from conception to death…there is also the time allotted each day, week, month and year to earning a living, supporting our families and communities and serving humanity and God.

Our earnings [and financila gifts] are a result of the talents and time we are given and how we use those gifts. That constitutes the Treasure of our lives [as reflected by our attitude - Do we serve the Treasure or serve God]

Tithing therefore must address all three - Time, Talent and Treasure…what we tithe should be proportionate to what we receive…

IMHO the pespective should be reflective of God’s revelation to us…I say this bcause in the time of Moses, the Jewish People were chosen by God to bring salvation to the world. God reveald Himself to them in a special way…throught he Law and the Prophets…they were given the task of giving back 10% to God as recompense in addition to the first fruits, freeing slaves, forgiving debt and allowing the fields to lay fallow on seven year intervals and during Jubilee years.

We have salvation through the atoning sacrafice of Jesus on the cross…the fullness of revelation…God no longer demands a set 10% but a tithe that comes from our heart in proportion to what we have received…To my feable brain, this then means that we [as christians] are required to give more because we have been given more…

Scripture tells us that “to whom much is given, much is expected” We have been given the ultimate gift of God, the Incarnate Jesus, who gave of Himself freely that we might have life and life abundantly…Just my :twocents:


Well, it is NOT a fixed amount, like 10%. I suppose it would be up to each person or family to decide. We need food, clothing, and shelter. We need to save for retirement. We need to save for medical bills, education, and especially paying off credit cards and other debts.

I suppose God just wants you to take an honest look at your budget and lifestyle to determine how much you can COMFORTABLY contribute to the Church. (Opinion)

In my case, as a confirmed bachelor with a nice job at the Post Office, I really can tithe 10% of my gross wages before taxes etc., but I do regard this as in anyway making me somehow superior to those who do not.

And as my Mother’s Alzheimer’s progresses, and as I spend more money on her care, obviously that 10% will drop, perhaps at times to 0%. God will understand. :frowning:


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