What are the Catholic beliefs regarding tithes?

Catholics believe you should give what you can afford. Titihing is an old Moasic law that says you must give 10 percent.

God loves a cheerful giver. If you cannot give with love in your heart to further the kingdom of God,then God doesnt want or need your money. This is an area where Gods says to TEST Him. God knows the hardest thing for us to let go is money. Look at the parable of the rich man. He asked what he must do to enter the kingdom and Jesus tells him to sell everything and give it away. The rich man could not because he made money his god.Everything we have belongs to the Lord. We have no problem giving the goverment 35% of our money but when it comes to God the best many of us do is pocket change. This is Loving God? God asks for 10% tithe and offerings. He is trying to teach us obidience for obidience is better than sacrifice. TEST God and see the blessings He has in store for you. God is bound by His promises.He does not lie. If you are not Tithing pray that God will put you into a position where you can. That should be your prayer. One other thing our God never changes its us that do. God Bless

Catholics are obligated to help the needs of the Church in some capacity, though we are not given a specific number that we must produce.

However, from the pulpit we often hear recommendations for what percent to aim for in all our giving. Usually the figure is 10%, where 1% of it goes to the diocese, oh, I don’t remember, maybe 5% for the parish and 4% for other worthy causes.

About once a year someone gets up and talks about “stewardship”. This is often accompanied by a talk on tithes and perhaps a personal witness about how tithing/stewardship works in their family. I have heard testimony by those who feel it has blessed them.

Stewardship is a concept that encompasses volunteering and helping with your personal gifts, as well as money.

[quote=cnderella03]What are the Catholic beliefs regarding tithes?

The Catholic Church teaches Stewardship, not tithing. Stewardship is a prayerful response to the needs of the community through offerings of time, talent, and treasure. We are called through our baptism to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy and the building up of the kindgom.

Each person or family discerns the way in which they will be good stewards of God’s creation and are free to make that determination on their own. The church recommends, but does not require, any specific allocation of material goods or time and talent.

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