Tithing and Political Presentations in Mass?

In this last month, there have been some strange presentations. One week instead of a homily we got a professional power point presentation for 20 min on the importance of tithing?

A couple weeks ago we got a 10 minute slide show about the importance of learning about the proper way to vote catholic values and a request to fill out our information so that a catholic political organization can contact us?

Last week in the name of the disaster in Japan they passed out a collection for their disaster relief. Then it was said that we better not split our weekly donations between Japan and the church but rather give our regular donations to the church and add an extra donation for Japan. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with anyone telling me how much to give or how to give–it feels misplaced.

What do you all think of these types of political presentations. What do you think about the church spending a lot of time trying to guide you on your giving practices?

Those are not “political” presentations. As Catholics, we have an obligation to support the Church and to support the poor and those in grave need. One function of the homily is to instruct us in how to live our lives as faithful and loving Catholics, and one aspect of that is to encourage us to sacrifice what we have for others. Did not Jesus say to the man who had lived a moral and upright life, “There is still one thing left for you: sell all that you have and distribute it to the poor, and you will have a treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”? Was it okay for Jesus to guide him on his “giving practices”?

It’s not political to help people. Charity is part of the faith. Jesus told us to give to those in need.

What political party are the families of the dead, or the people whose houses were destroyed?

Who cares?

I’m totally with you in getting an icky vibe from that. I think part of the reason is that (especially as someone who’s straddled the poverty line for most of her life) I tend to see money as an ugly thing. I know that isn’t necessarily true in all cases, but it’s just how I tend to feel and I think it’s a common feeling. Whenever our priest uses the homily as time to remind us that we aren’t giving enough money it seems like such a worldly speck of dirt on the heavenly rite that is the Mass. Sure, churches need money, it’s a necessary evil, etc. But I think messages of this type are better suited to the narthex than the altar.

I’m not an expert or anything. But that’s how I feel about it.

What i have seen in recent months in my parish is similar to the O.P. The methodology being used is very protestant in it’s nature. Almost every Sunday we are requested to recite the “stewardship prayer” at the end of the General Intercessions. Having been loosely aligned with the Baptist church until i was 15 (Grand-Father and Uncle were baptist preachers), i have seen this same type of fund raising operation. While i do not in any way disagree with the giving of monies for charitable causes, both within and without of The Church, nor the monies needed to support the Parish this new fundraising push seems somewhat misplaced. I do not know about the rest of you, but I have two envelopes almost every Sunday; one for the Parish and one for whatever fund or service group or Church School or whatever and i never fail to put in an offering. My Parish recently handed out a sheet for Parishioners to mark both what “ministries” we will be involved in within the Parish, and to give our giving goal for the year. It would seem that some of the protestant converts (of which i am one) have brought their previous methodology with them.

Yup, little bit of ick. In March you’re being told how to vote?

But second collections for humanitarian (=Christian) causes is fine. I’m just not sure I like being told how much to give. If I can’t reduce my weekly offering, and can’t offer any more, I’m being told to say ‘no’ to Japan.

Off-topic, how can I get a copy of that GORGEOUS Madonna and Child?

Well, I believe we should hear about how Catholics should look at potential candidates…i.e. ABORTION and euthanasia. But there isn’t an election cycle coming up so it’s not that relevant right now.

As far as tithing…Yeah it gets tiresome. Just give what you can give, and give it with a free heart.

Right click, save as.

Requests for funds are LESS prevalent nowadays than they used to be, in my opinion. When I was a kid and the Mass was in Latin, all you heard in English was the Lesson, the Gospel, and then the homily was usually a building fund pitch. You heard something that was based on the Gospel maybe once every six weeks or so, and I’m not kidding here.

When I grew up and moved away from that parish, it was refreshing to hear the priest preach on a theme from one of the readings. Once in a blue moon the priest will make a call for funding, but that is usually part of the announcements rather than taking up all the homily.

Just my two cents worth here (sorry about that!)

The power point presentation was probably help the Appeal for the diocese (archdiocese). The Appeal in itself charitative and thus deeply catholic, the power point presentation and screens probably the tool of the near future.

To promote political organizations during the mass is probably wrong. Politics is dirty, the Church must remain clean.

To suggest that you do not less for the upkeep of your own parish, when there is collection for help for outsiders is natural request. To help the church financially is strict moral obligation; to help outsiders does not eliminates the previous obligation.

From the Catechism of His Holiness St. Pope Pius X:
35 Q. How are we to observe the Fourth Precept: To contribute to due support of the Church? A. The Fourth Precept is satisfied by paying the dues or making the offerings which have been established in recognition of God’s supreme dominion over all things and as a means of providing for the becoming support of His ministers.

Sorry guys, I am not an English major. I didn’t mean that presentations on giving and tithing were political–I was only referring to the political presentation about that.

The other money parts were separate issues I had.

I appreciate everyone’s kind feedback on these matters. I’m glad people can see where I’m coming from. I just hope the church can realize that there are modern ways of teaching without coming off as a high pressured encyclopedia salesman tying to sell me a book I don’t need.

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