Tithing Money

Does any of the money we tithe at our local Churches each Sunday go to fund any of the bishops conferences, either state or national? If so, what are we to do if our conference of bishops is doing things in which we greatly disagree and believe will bring harm to us?


Some money from each parish goes to the local diocese. I believe the dioceses fund the state and national bishop conferences.

May I ask what things you feel a bishop’s conference is doing that will harm you? Please don’t name your state of diocese.

Or is this just a hypothetical question?

Thanks!! Really appreciate the answer. No, this is not a hypothetical. My state conference of bishops is activally and publically supporting an intiative which will be on the November ballet which I feel will be absolutely destructive to our ability to remain a free people. Of course they are attempting to back up their argument with Church teaching. Of course, there argument is totally unsupporable by the facts and they are simply restating the liberal political line. I feel so intensley strongly about this that I’m considering not tithing to the church at all as this is my only recourse. I’ll simply support other worthy charities directly as part of my obligation to help the less fortunate. Sometimes I really wonder where these liberal thinking bishops in my state come from. These are the same people who support liberal politics which take away our freedoms and then complain about limitations of freedom of religion.

Talk to and write to your pastor and bishop and urge your friends to do the same. The liberals are not afraid to pressure the Church.

I give because God want’s me to be a cheerful givers. Giving does more good for my soul than it does for the Church. That’s why I give.

expectthebest - why are you beating around the bush? What is this liberal initiative you don’t like? Why don’t you just come out and say it?


Good question. I just wanted to leave it at where the money went and how to combat the liberal agenda of the Bishops Conference. The issue itself would be an entire other discussion.

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