I have a friend that went to confession with a priest that told him he had to give 10% of his income to fulfill his obligation to the poor. How do we as lay people respond?

I think I read in the catechism that the tithe is no longer in effect.

I believe their are quotations in scripture that back this claim

We are not obligated to tithe but it is highly recommended. I’ve heard that the recommendation is usually 5% to the Church and 5% to other causes.

Heck, if everyone gave 5% we’d never have to have fund raising campaigns. In my parish there is 1 family, out of 400+, that tithes or close to it. I know approximately what he makes based on a very public job and I know what they give because I counted the collection for years. I’m always impressed because they also send money to their homeland to help their families.

There is a requirement in Cannon Law that you contribute to the practical and financial upkeep of your church: each according to his means.
There is no requirement to Tithe a legalistic 10% Jesus made that clear.

The 10% Tithe comes from the Old Law Jesus is the Fulfillment of the Old Law. you are a Christian and not bound by the Law of the Jews.

However: If your confessor says you should give 10%. To do so is within your means, and you do not a reasonable grounds to feel this is unjust then you do have a duty of obedience to your confessor.

I would not say that such is the case per se.

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