What does the RCC teach about tithing?
I could not find much.



See my reply when this issue was recently discussed in another thread.


My family and I have been donating 10% of our (gross) income to primarially Catholic apostolates that are good & solid organizations (my local parish, EWTN, Catholic Answers, local Catholic radio, etc.). We have NEVER been out of money, but there have been times where we got close, but never out. God has always come through. Example…I was between jobs and my car had about $1500 of repairs that were needed. I did not have enough in savings to cover that bill on my credit card. Shortly after getting the car fixed, out of nowhere, I got a check from my Aunt for that amount and then some. She had no idea that I was in this situation.

A couple of other thoughts:
*]Be Cheerful - I really enjoy writing the checks to these organizations.
*]In a talk I heard that Fr. Benedict Groeschel gave, he was recalling a story that he had when he was setting up one of his friaries or something in NYC. He had no money and Mother Teresa happened to be in town and they talked. Her response to his worrying is, “God has lots of money.” Shortly thereafter, the money came.
*]A different perspective: ALL money belongs to God. He is gracious enough to give us 90% of it.
*]Tithing keeps the junk/impulse purchases down.



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