Title of Bishop

I was wondering, when writing to a Bishop what is the proper title to refer to? I can’t remeber which position it is but I remeber hearing a Bishop or Cardinal refered to as His Excellence. Thanks and God bless.

Bishop- His/Your Ecellency

Cardinal- His/Your Eminence


Our Most Holy Father and Lord, His Holiness, the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI, Succesor of St. Peter, Vicar of Christ, Servant of the Servants of God, Holy Head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Oh and…restorer of Tradtion (once he publishes the motu proprio)

Whatever you feel about the lady at Fisheaters, I think her protocol site is pretty helpful:


That is correct for the rest of the world. But in the British Empire (Britain and a few other islands nobody’s ever heard of, like Australia ;)) it’s slightly different.

A Bishop is “My Lord”. Letter - eg. His Lordship the Right Reverend Joe Bloggs, V Bishop of Northumbria.

An Archbishop is “Your Grace”. Letter - eg. His Grace the Most Reverend Joe Bloggs, V Archbishop of Birmingham.

A Cardinal is the same - “Your Eminence”. Letter - eg. His Eminence Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, X Archbishop of Westminster.

Some more traditional prelates prefer the British system.

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