Titles of Mary


I heard someone call Mary “Her Divine Majesty”. This person is a good Catholic and doctrinally sound. Could someone please explain this to me. Thank you.


While Mary is not a ‘divine being’, she is a Queen and the Mother of a truly Divine King. Further, the use of the word ‘divine’ has historically been used not to express ONLY a ‘divine’ being, but also as an hyperbolic type of adjective, “My dear, you look DIVINE in that hat”.

Unfortunately, too many people seem to abhore a rich, poetic, image-laden language. They wish a poor, terse, bland and sterile language instead.

Strangely too, many of those who cavil at the thought of calling Mary, “the divinely blessed woman”, are equally abstemious in their language relating to God. It seems that they don’t want to have the word ‘divine’ used for ANYONE. Certainly you rarely find them addressed our Blessed Lord as “His Divine Majesty”.


I’ve never heard that before, but it was a common title of queens.

“Divine” doesn’t always mean God. It can also mean “heavenly, celestial” “surpassing excellence” or “unusually lovely.”


I have a feeling in the sense someone would use for Mary it would mean celestial or heavenly majesty.


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