TLC- Sister Wives

Last weekend while watching TV I saw a commercial for this show. I was confused as to what it was so I looked it up and it is about a polygamous family. Here is a link to the wikipedia article for more information.

Kody Brown has four wives and 17 children among them and the show is a reality TV show about their family and what life is like to live in a polygamous family.

I was just wondering if anyone watched this show or would consider watching this show? Part of me is curious but I’m not sure I want to support shows like this. I guess I just wonder what other people think.

I love the show and polygamy has always fascinated me. What strikes me about it is how dedicated Kody is to being a good father and how even though there is a little jealousy the wives are such good friends. I would never have a family like that, but theirs seems like it works.

I’ve never seen the show since I don’t get the cable television, but I probably would if I had the opportunity. It sounds interesting. (The show I mean. I’m not interested in actually being a polygamist.)

We can get the show here. We have Direct TV.

A friend of ours watches it, and she had it on while I was at her house. Well, I should say she used to watch it. After a while she could stomach it.

It was like watching a train wreck.

My guess, all of those children will need counseling when they are adults.

Kody can’t name all his children without the help of his wives. Polygamy is wrong. It is not supported in any way by any Christian Church, especially Catholic. The trouble with “reality” shows is that they are a show and not reality. If you want to know what really goes on in polygamous families read the Bible and the problems Jacob had with 4 wives and 12 children by them. That is reality and this show is just a promotion for us accept this sort of thing. it is the next step after same sex marriage is legalized.

Yes, I watched it because I too was curious.

I stopped. Had to ask myself how I would feel. I cannot imagine tolerating my husband having sex with me and then being intimate with three other women whom I live with and must embrace as “sisters”.

There have been shows regarding Mormons and those wives who have left because they would not be one of many wives. The book, THE 18th WIFE, is about the 18 wife of Bringham Young. There’s also a TV movie by the same name.

Apparently, Young was the one to introduced polygomy to the Mormons. One wife came back at him stating she wanted more than one husband. The men said no. Big surprise. So this idea wasn’t an easy sell among the women.

Number 18 married because he threatened to financially ruin her brother if she didn’t. She suspected she was actually his 50th wife. But he assured her that there were more but some he wed just to make sure they got into heaven. Others were dismissed because they couldn’t produce kids and were off on their own. He no longer counted them among his wives.

Young cut off #18 after she gave him a son. He kept cutting her allowance until he cut her off advising her to plant a garden for food and to take in boarders. One boarder was a “Gentile” lawyer who advised her to get a divorce. They had to get out of town when Young’s supporters showed up. She divorced, and supported herself by giving talks on Mormonism. She disappeared in 1902. Hmmmm.

Joseph Smith could not be faithful to his wife and came up with the justification of polygamy.

I’ve watched it a few times, and only because, yes, it is like a train wreck.

Separate from the obvious issues, everything is centered around Kody, and in spite of putting on brave smiles, the jealousy is always there.

Kody, to me, seems like an overgrown child and the women in his life clearly have some issues.

I forget which wife… but I remember one of them stating that the idea of being alone with a man made her uneasy. Which is why she wanted to be a second wife and not a first wife.

C’mon… that doesn’t scream messed up?

Of them all I feel worst for his first wife. I really, really feel she only suggested and supported the marriage with a second because she couldn’t have more children and she so desperately wanted more children AND she wanted to please him.

Ugh. Anyway. I can’t watch the show anymore but I saw the first two seasons and it was completely distressing stuff.

i generally have just this to say about it- polygamy is a foundation of their chosen religion. not everybody has to like it or agree with it. but it is part of their religious practice. we are all aware that a lot of people don’t like the foundations of Catholicism either…or Judiasm, or Muslim for that matter.

we like the show. they are an American family. just bigger. same drama, just bigger.

Are you aware that Islam allows up to 4 wives. this is not equal in that “well that’s just their religion”. This show is about promoting and legalizing polygamy. We really have no concept of what that would be like in our society and culture. All you need to do to learn about polygamy is read the Bible where it is recorded and practice by different Kings and in Genesis and the problems between people and their jealousies. Again s fringe family style again is being promoted as healthy and just another choice.

Your comment about Islam is very interesting. The Church urges us to respect Islam as the third " great" monotheistic religion, irrespective of their acceptance of polygamy. Arguably, the Church would have much less a moral problem with polygamy in that it is a “natural” man/woman relationship in conformity with the Natural Law, capable of begetting children – a very different kettle of fish from “gay marriage.” To say nothing of the fact that a society which now accepts the perversion of “gay marriage” would seem to have a very hard time justifying the continued outlawing of polygamy.

I know about it, and I’m not even going to think of watching it. To me, and this is merely my opinion, it’s garbage! What’s next, a show on cannibalism? Oh wait, I do hope I don’t give them any ideas.

The show promotes and showcases a grave lifestyle, and is contrary to the teaching of the Church! How many times was polygamy condemned in the Sacred Scriptures? Moreover the Church condemns it!

I must admit I did like The Duggar’s, though I’ve only seen maybe 4 or 5 episodes. We don’t get these channels here, so it’s mostly satellite.

It may just be the fact that I don’t like reality TV, but I think the Sister Wives show is absolute rubbish!

i watched a portion of an episode on netflix… it is garbage… :thumbsup:

my comment is a statement of fact and is not meant to be any thing else. The church as well as other Christian groups as well as Judiasm does not support polygamy. It is not natural and causes and raises all kinds of problems and issues. Just read the OT on how these families functioned. But you mark my words, legalize gay marriage, polygamy groups are in the wings wanting equal time too. You can’t justify one and deny the other. It has nothing to do with begetting children in a “natural law” context. The gift of marriage is designed by God between one man and one woman. Anything else is perversion.

I watch the show now and then (I don’t watch too many shows regularly in any case), simply because I do find it fascinating. I can understand how a woman raised to be humble and submissive could adopt this lifestyle, but here are four very strong, opinionated and educated women who have chosen this lifestyle. Why? It just doesn’t compute for me. So I’m fascinated, so I watch. Kody seems alternately spoiled and stressed, cock of the walk and browbeat.

When they were forced to have separate houses too far apart, they all talk about the need to get one big compound together. They seem to crave some communal lifestyle like many experimented with in the '60s. They have a romantic notion about such a communal life.

But it is hard to get away from the “ick” factor.

Same. I would gain nothing by watching this show and I certainly do not want anyone I know thinking I condone this type of family situation, so its not going to be watched in this household.

A good, sincere question to ask one’s self about watching Sister Wives is this:

Does my watching this program about the sin of polygamy bring glory to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?

For education purposes, I have watched a few episodes, then closed the book on that one. I have better things to do than watch a “family” living in sin struggle to live a life of normalcy, when what they have created can never be normal in the eyes and heart of the Almighty. He loves them all, but He desires something much better for them: the marriage of one man and one woman and the children raised within this God-given paradigm.

I suggest you all turn the program off and spend some time in the Scriptures or praying a Rosary for somone in need.

God is good…ALL THE TIME!

What worries me the most, is that some children flip through the channels. There’s enough of heresy, lies, and idiocy on television in cartoons alone, so what if a child comes upon this and starts to follow it? They’ll be sensitised to polygamy, and fail to see the moral evil that it is.

Right. The idea is to desensitize us to all of these alternate life styles so that we accept them.

These reality TV shows are inexpensive to put out. With the exception of the Duggars, there isn’t one person (Real Housewives of ANY County, Hoarders, Sister Wives, etc.) that I would ever socialize with. The first one is a total train wreck proving a lot of $ doesn’t mean you can’t be crude and vulgar, second ones are crazy, and the third are immoral.

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