TLM being broadcast on EWTN!

Hey guys, just thought I’d point out the good news that EWTN is scheduled to broadcast a TLM on September 14 … I’ll certainly be watching!

Anyone out there with a recorder should record the show and show it to their recalcitrant priests :slight_smile:

What time is it on?

I hope they will broadcast it from the Shrine.

…of the Most Blessed Sacrament? Yeah, that’s where they’re broadcasting it from. :smiley:

Sept. 14 @ 8AM Eastern

Thats where I meant. And yippee!!! :smiley:

And doubtless several repeats during the day :yup:

I’ll set my VCR then.

Maybe I should record it over some tape my dad labeled “The Secret”. :rolleyes:

:tsktsk: sounds like a tape that should accidentally-on-purpose be taped over.

:smiley: :getholy:

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