TLM blasphemous

Is it not blasphemous to refer to the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the TLM? At least it is vulgar in my opinion.

What do you say?

Meh. It’s extremely casual, to say the least. Certainly not formal, but then again…this* is* the internet…

Certainly not blasphemous, as people really aren’t refering to the sacrament and sacrifice itself…but to the particular liturgical setting for that sacrifice, known as the Tridentine/Traditional Latin Mass.

TLM is a shorthand way of identifying the old latin liturgy as opposed to any other Rite of preforming the same Holy Sacrifice. There is precedent for it…calling the Blessed Virgin Mary “BVM” for example, which is even done in latin liturgical books.

That’s the definition of vernacular, if I’m not mistaken. Blasphemy has to do with addressing God with irreverence or blaming Him for problems. It used to be grounds for mortal sin. (I say “used to be” because it seems the Church has now “approved” everything we used to consider sacrilege so I just extended my cynicism.)

In any case, you haven’t provided any examples of such.

I think you have waay too much time on your hands…

I apologize for the apparent flippancy of my previous post. I have no intent to offend. :slight_smile: If you feel it is blasphemy for this kind of reference, then for you, it probably is. Otherwise, please do not look for sin where there is none.

I don’t think it is blasphemous. Afterall, I have heard our Blessed Mother called the BVM in written material.

I don’t think it is offensive to use initials on sacred persons and actions especially on a forum like this.

Even in ancient art, you see shorthand.

The symbol for Christ in many icons is the chi-ro:

which is the first two letters of cristos, or Christ. I would agree that extreme casualness is to be avoided with God. However, I would also venture to say that Christians from the ancient church were less affected by this modern casualness, and, therefore, would less likely do anything that you are concerned about.

So, if they saw no problem with short-hand with the very name of God (cristos), then I see no reason to be scrupulous about shorthand for the Mass (TLM).

Except that in Latin liturgical books, it stands for Beata Virgin Maria. :wink:
(Though in my experience, I am more accustomed to seeing BMV in Latin books)

Similarly, the first time I saw it in a Latin book it took me a minute to decipher DNICDominus Noster Iesus Christus.



Now, should we ban crucifixes? :wink: I think you are on safe ground with initials in regards to holy things.

And then there’s J.M.J and A.M.D.G. So I have no doubt that this would not be considered blasphemous.

there ya go. more initials from the ancestors’ days.

Using the capitalized first letters of the words Tridentine Latin Mass in no way denotes contempt for God. It is not profane nor is it mocking. It is merely a shortened way of saying it, and there is no blasphemy involved.

Well…Should we Refer to the Pope as: “His Holiness, The Archbishop of Rome, Primate of Italy, Patriarch of all the west, Ruler of the Vatican, Vicar of Jesus Christ and Servant of the Servants of God.” Or just the Pope?? :wink:

Even the word “Mass” itself comes from basically a shorthand.

EXACTLY why the “progressives” - needed to change the definition of the Mass!!!

The “Mass” is a “Sacrifice” - the priest offers the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to the Most Holy Trinity- for the sins of the living and those who have died.

It is the same with the Novus Ordo. Read the catechism. Nothing has “changed” the way the “progressives” want you to believe- particularly with their new “liturgy”.


It hadn’t occurred to me that it could be blasphemous or taken as such. I’m glad you mentioned this.

Just using the word “Mass” is hard for ultra-progressives. They usually want to refer to it as a “Eucharistic celebration”. If you look at pre-Vatican II texts, they refer to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as “the Mass”, too. So I think it is a stretch to say the TLM is blasphemous.

OK folks, I stand corrected.

I would never use the shorthand in real life, though. I make a point of being very clear that I’m going to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (just to irritate the modernists):smiley: .

You mean the HSM, don’t you? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Massterpiece? :smiley:

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