TLM & Commemorating Newly Canonized Saints

A quick question…

Well over a thousand saints have been added to the calendar during the pontificate of Pope JP2.

Will it be possible to commemorate them during the TLM? This occured to me because a number of the new saints are very important to a lot of geographical regions and religous orders (Like bishops, and founders. co-founders…)

I would not mind the 1962 Calendar being updated so that new saints are added. However, I do not want to see any saints’ feastdays dropped off of the Traditional Calendar. We must never stop forgetting those holy people who have gone before us.

The 1969 Calendar already eliminates many of the ancient saints that were on the 1955 and 1962 calendars. For that reason, I prefer to follow the Traditional Calendars.

Obviously we need local feasts, where a saint who is of special significance to a particular place or community is celebrated in that place only. In other places he will of course be remembered on All Saints’ day.

Many of the saints days were changed for some reason. I find that rather odd…what was the point of that?
Yes, it is sad that some saints are not remembered as they use to be and exactly what this world needs is to remember those examples of imitators of Christ and follow them.

I was also taking into consideration some of the new saints and beatti that have been added to the calendar - especically the founders of some of the orders that are growing more and more important in our church - like the Missionaries of Charity - all 4000+ of em, would likely desire to commemorate Bl. Theresa of Calcutta. It would be my best guess that in the next few years, a system would be put in place for that… But that is the guess of someone who is not an insider at all.

Hmmm…indeed this reminds me…
The church is expanding in Africa and Asia. There are many martyrs in those countries whose cries are not heard by the rest of the world. I think that the saints may not have to be “updated” too much for the universal (entire) church across the world, but I definately hope that with all the persecutions in those areas that our Christian brethren are afforded saints to look up to in times of peril. Then, if there are saints that they hold dear and which come to the forefront (“the best of the best”), perhaps years from now, their veneration will be extended to the rest of the church.

If you go back and read the MP, you will see His Holiness took this into account (toward the end).

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