TLM communion question

A series of discussions on this forum, some current, have made me realize just how disenchanted I am with the VII mass but after all these years I’m a bit shaky on the Latin Mass. My concern isn’t in the liturgy, I’m sure it would all come back but rather in how a person like myself who uses a cane and cannot kneel safely for communion receives. Is there a provision to receive standing and on the tongue? Is the communion rail still used? Sounds silly perhaps but it’s easy to feel uncomfortable when placing oneself in a position like having to receive communion without knowing what to expect.

There is a parish that only celebrates the Latin Mass about 10 miles from here so I could attend there if I chose. It would mean my wife and I attend separate churches because she would not give up the choir at our current church.

The chapel where we have our TLM still has the altar rail. Those who have trouble kneeling, there are some who would have a very hard time getting back up, just receive standing on the tongue. In the 13 or so years I have attended, with at least 3 priests as chaplain, it has never been a problem. Hopefully it is the same where you would attend that form of the Mass.

Same with our TLM Church. The rail is still in place.
Can’t recall anyone with a cane, but there was a woman who attended regularly in a wheelchair. They took her up to the end of the rail and the priest came down to give he communion.
For yourself, if kneeling is not an option, just get as close to the rail (if available) as possible. Possibly lean forward a bit and hold onto the rail. Whatever is comfortable for you. You can be sure that the priest will do all that he can to accomodate you.


I’ll be calling the priest at the local TLM parish next week for advice and to understand the communion process for those who cannot kneel safely.

Took the first step in returning to the Latin Mass by ordering a copy of Fr. Stedman Sunday Missal–Gregorian Mass. The Gregorian Mass part baffled me for a bit until I discovered the contents were the same as the other Sunday Missals bearing his name. Must have to do with any musical notation it contains.

We will maintain our current parish registration for the sake of my wife’s membership in the choir. I’ll attend the Latin Mass most of the time and simply not register in that parish.

Its not a problem, if a person cannot kneel, even during the Latin mass the communicant can still receive in the pew, or in their wheelchair if need be.

When I was a kid during the 9:30 Latin mass in the 1960s, a couple of the old timers sat in the front pew, for that very purpose.

HMC does has never discriminated against those who are physically infirm. Folks who, for whatever medical reason, are unable to kneel, have never been denied the Eucharist. Such an infirmity is involuntary.

Just stand at the rail and open your mouth. This happens all the time at TLM, and it is understood.

There are a couple of ways of dealing with this. The most common one is, as previous posters have suggested, to walk up to the communion rail and lean forward a bit (holding onto the rail, if you wish) to receive. I have also seen someone in a wheelchair simply go to the end of the communion rail, and the priest will come down the steps and give her Communion. Finally, we had one gentleman who could walk a little but had a very hard time standing up and sitting down, much less kneeling, so he would always sit in the front pew and the priest would come over and give him Communion at the pew.

I suggest the first, if possible (easier on all concerned) but any priest worth his salt will take physical infirmities into consideration when distributing Communion.

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