TLM communities 1975-1988

Just one thread going back to history:
I am curious why indult communities like FSSP,ICKSP,SSFV,SJM…had not been founded right after canonical supression of SSPX in 1975.
First off,were the faithful allowed to go TLM to SSPX Masses in 1975-1988?
Assuming that there were very few non-SSPX traditional Latin Masses with permission, what was the situation like? Did the people regularly go to SSPX “out of love to TLM” as it has been in some regions by now or it was totally forbidden to do so?

Well the UK already had the Agatha Christie indult. I’m not sure about the U.S. but I’d imagine there were a few who continued to say it w/ permission.


There were any number of SSPX and so-called independent TLM chapels prior to the indult. People generally went to them because they desired TLM, among other things. It was possible during those years for the Novus Ordo Mass to be celebrated in Latin, but it rarely was. Some folks went to the illicit TLM while others made do with the LOM, the Least Objectionable Mass.

The indult came along in 1984. From 1984-1988 there were a handful of dioceses (12-15 at any one time) that permitted TLM on a periodic basis–some weekly, others monthly. With the advent of Ecclesia Dei in 1988, the FSSP was founded and other LMC began.

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