TLM for Parishioners Only


As usual, he’s acting ultra vires.

Petty, hostile, unnecessary, peevish.

Actually, for those who have been following the saga of this poor parish for a while, the good pastor seems to have a very real fondness for diktats that tell people to leave the parish.

It doesn’t seem to me like it’s anti-Latin Mass, since the people are exhorted to either get it locally or go to the other two locations. It seems there’s more to the story.

I thought they closed down the TLM there?


I think that the blog may have gotten it wrong - I think what Bishop Brown was trying to say (according to the underlined part of the above bulletin) is that you can’t have people who aren’t part of the parish request the TLM there - not that they can’t attend if the faithful of that parish have already requested a TLM.


I didnt read the whole article, but it seemed to say you either had to live in that area or REGISTER at that parish.
the directive of the Bishop is very clear: for those who are not parishioners of St. Mary’s by the Sea, either geographically not from our parish (visitors are OK), or intentionally not registered/willing being part of St. Mary’s by the Sea (just coming for the Tridentine Mass),
Just register at that parish. It appears they dont want a bunch of nomadic Catholics with no official parish. Also they likely expect you contribute financially at that parish as well…though after dropping $660M I dont know how that is going to play out.

The $660 M was Los Angeles. St Mary’s is Orange. We only dropped $100M

I suspect a hefty collection at the TLM will increase its popularity with pastors and Bishops everywhere :rolleyes:

That sounds right. I think that all masses are public and open to all - except as constrained by safety considerations.

LOL :thumbsup:

From the article:

Is poor Fr. Tran going to be expected to check people’s parish registration at the communion rail, in much the way he was apparently expected to patrol the parish in order to reprimand people who continued to kneel after the Agnus Dei (as Catholics throughout most of the country still do, and as most Catholics throughout the United States have done for over thirty years)?

**How would they know if you were from that parish or not? Does he know the face of every single parishioner? Would he check their contribution envelopes? LOL…seriously…I attend Mass during the week at 2 other churches than my parish where I am registered. With all due respect…it just doesn’t make sense to me. Are we going to start making Catholics feel unwelcome in any Catholic Church?:frowning:


The parish system has begun to break down in modern conditions.
Pre-car, you lived in Little Puddleton and you went to St Tom of the Plum. Little Puddleton, as a matter of course.
Now we tend to live an anonymous suburbs and move jobs every few years. When a young woman is supposed to get married in a church her parents happened to attend 25 years ago, when Dad had a two year posting from his marketing job, it just seems an absurd rule.

However the idea is that a “stable group of the faithful”, within a parish, can ask for a Latin Mass, within that parish. Not that a group of individuals should start up their own traditionalist parish, or take over an existing parish. However I don’t think it is really workable in practise. If you have a TLM in one parish then the sense of parish identity is so weak in many places that traditionalists in neighbouring parishes will attend it.

Im not sure if I am following you right, but I never believed the “stable group of faithful” applied to each and every parish such that each and every had to offer the TLM. RATHER, I interpret that to mean if there is a significant number in a given region then one (or a few) TLMs should be offered in a “central location(s)”.

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