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Hi all, I was just wondering how TLM works for people who are going through RCIA, and cannot yet receive the Eucharist. Right now, I just stay in the pews and pray during Communion. As far as I understand, during TLM, you don’t go up to receive Communion, but rather the priest comes to you. How do I tell the priest that I can’t receive Communion, yet, especially if it’s not the regular parish that I usually attend? Can I ask for a blessing? Thanks in advance!

First, welcome Home!!

Second, in a way I guess the Priest brings you Communion, but not to the pew. You actually do approach the Sanctuary, kneeling at the rail, and the Celebrant will distribute to those at the railing.

So if you are not properly disposed, you are able to stay in your seat with no problems. And make a Spiritual Communion until you can kneel with the Family.

I joined the church through a TLM (FSSP) parish. There was no RCIA for me. I met with Father every Saturday for 7 months for about an hour. It was fantastic. During communion I never approached the altar but rather stayed in the pew kneeling silently with the other parishoners. I was told I could go up to receive a blessing but honestly I did not feel comfortable.

Btw, I am absolutely grateful for not having to go through RCIA. I have read and heard many horror stories. That may not be everyone’s experience but I view it as not having to shop around for a proper parish to do RCIA. So for me it was a blessing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, traditionally at a TLM parish there is no RCIA for people already baptized. It’s decided on an individual basis with the priest based on how prepared/knowledgable about the faith the person seems to be, with usually some classes (at a more personal speed) more like the catechism given for first communion and confirmation to prepare you for that.

A catechumenate type thing is only really done, traditionally, for the non-baptized.

No RCIA would be wonderful.
I’t makes more sense for people to read their catechism and meet with the priest. The idea of a good orthodox sponser that actually assist in the learning process is good too.
I attended some RCIA meetings to see what they were like and I don’t think I could tolerate RCIA if I was converting.
A sincere heart finds answers.

That’s how it seems to work in England. No equivilant of the RCIA here as far as I can tell.

Cool, thanks for the clarification, guys!

The RCIA program is what has kept my husband from joining the Church. He is a baptized Christian that has attended Holy Mother Church for years. His knowledge grows daily with study and reading. But he does not see the reasoning behind having to go to RCIA with a layperson teaching it that knows no more (if not less) then he does about the faith. It is like a circle that continues endlessly.

Maybe your husband could speak to a priest to see if the process can’t be expedited? However, I’m of the opinion that you can always learn something new through RCIA, even if you’re already knowledgeable on the subject, through discussions with others.

By all means, go up to the altar, kneel down, cross your arms across your chest, and receive the blessing that the priest has for you. The Holy Spirit is moving during a church service. Any church service. People are being healed and ministered to by simply being present. Going up to the altar is a witness to the Revelations that you just received during the Mass.


I always enjoy talking to you. I’ve been trying to tell you to hold up Jesus when talking to others. Sure, if two people agree on the Eucharist then that term can be used as Jesus.

During my last post to you I thought that the Holy Father hadn’t alienate us Protestants, well, someone brought forward an article stating that we Protestants are in fact, officially alienated. How you will fit that into your marriage is something that only a marriage counselor can help you with.

I can tell you this much, I out lived my first wife by about 40 years, and for sure, I didn’t make the same mistakes when picking my second wife.:smiley:

Kathleen, I would suggest you speak to your RCIA coordinator and look into the ACM program. We have begun using it this year, and let me tell you its incredible.

RCIA should be a mixture of Catechises (good solid catechises) and evangelisation. Catechumens need to not just study the Catechism, Scripture, the Fathers and Saints, but they should see it lived by those teaching. Socialising with parish members gives new folks a chance to see that Catholicism is much much more than the Mass, it is a living faith. A good RCIA program can do wonders in a parish, not just for the neophytes but for the entire community.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

Welcome to the Church!!!

You can go to the altar rail during communion eventhough you are still a catechumen, the priest will know just cross your arms to your chest and the priest will bless you.

Laudater Jesus Christus
Instaurare omnia in Christo

What has been said is correct concerning the Faithful approaching the rails for Communion. Mums and dads often have a tot or babe in arms or at heel to receive a blessing. The frail elderly will be approached by the priest, their family has often got this sorted before hand and the person is near the front of the church…traditionally the emptiest pews.

Catechism may be offered if the priests are zealous and untiring, because quite frankly this is a major black hole for a lot of adult Catholics…kids should be gettting a good catchism if they attend a traditional catholic school and the parents attending to their duties of state.

If you have an insuffeciency of priests attending the sacrament of Penance gives you an opportunity to ask your confessor for spiritual direction.

the Latin Mass is generally celebrated in a church that has not been renovated, that is, still has communion rails, and the high altar on the wall of the sanctuary. The faithful approach, kneel at the railings and receive. Those who are not receiving for any reason merely remain kneeling and praying in solidarity with the whole congregation.

It is true, that in charity, often the elderly or handicapped sit closer to the altar, and the priest will bring communion to them, but everyone who can walk uses the communion rail.

welcome home

nothing in the RCIA has been abrogated, so if there is a dismissal of catechumens (unbaptized) before the profession of faith, that will still happen. RCIA in a parish that can support TLM should be awesome because both the priest supporting it and the lay people sponsoring and instructing will presumably be well formed in authentic Catholic teaching. I am speaking of the process as it was intended, for the unbaptized. It is and always has been an option for baptized Christians to receive a modified, individualized instruction adapted to their needs and be received without the attendent optional rites (other than of course the sacraments of initiation themselves).

I hope the local church I want to join (RCIA) has TLM. I’ve never seen the TLM, so I’ll have to see if they have it. :slight_smile:

I see!

Thank you, puzzleannie!

Unfortunately, our parish does not offer TLM, yet. I guess the good thing is that the catechumens won’t be dismissed before the profession of faith.

Thank you all for your replies!

According to some early Church writings. It use to be a three year program in order to be properly prepare to take the body and blood of Christ. RCIA program was a disaster for me but that was because of mostly my own fault. I mention to them that I already been baptize in the Holy Spirit and that automatically meant for the instructor to tell the rest they needed to be careful of people like me(guess he was saying I was a fake). The second time around(bout three years later), I made it all the way to confession and afterward went to the deacon house where the priest who took my confession also was invited to and he gave an indirect hint to the deacon what my confession was. That and one other thing with another priest happen and so far I have not made it back to the Catholic Church, although I long for it. This all was about 7 years ago. I know one thing for sure, when I do make it back you can better believe I will not be sharing no visions or experiences with them untill after I made it through the RCIA program. It seems if you mention any of these things before hand it like you got leporosy. But I do know that the Roman Catholic Church is the true church because of my experiences. Good luck with your journey and remember if it wasn’t for the persecution than it would not be the Real Thing.

I’m so sorry you went through this! And, I pray you don’t have this happen to you again. Hopefully, you might be able to come in through a TLM parish. **Please don’t put it off to long! **
Also, I’m very happy you accept the Church for the one true Church of Jesus Christ!!!:amen:
You will be in my prayers!

Gos Bless you

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