TLM in Diocese of Joliet, IL

There will be a TLM offered in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Fr. Andreas Hellmann of the Institute of Christ the King. The Mass will be here:

October 6, 2007 - 7 PM
St. Rose of Lima Church
486 W. Merchant St.
Kankakee, IL

Mass will be preceded by a mile-long rosary procession with the statue of Our Lady, and her crowning upon arrival at St. Rose Church.

Procession starts from:

St. Martin of Tours
953 S. 9th Ave
Kankakee, IL

Procession begins at 6 PM (Bring flowers and a votive candle for Our Lady)


Public reparation for sin
To mitigate the punishments due sinful humanity
For our hierarchy and all consecrated souls
For the intentions of all participants
Thanksgiving for Summorum Pontificum

Contact information: doctorvici[at]

I am hoping that there is a huge attendance because then there is a chance that this diocese will have a regularly celebrated TLM again. Please attend if you can. If you are unable to do so, please pass this information on to anyone you think would be interested.

I was emailed a very nicely designed poster for this occassion. If you PM me your email address, I can send you the attachment and you can pass the attachment along to friends and family.

I looked on a google map and that church is just outside Chicago, there should be plenty of Catholics attending.

Actually it is approx. 70 miles South of Chicago. It is in the Diocese of Joliet, near the bottom of that diocese, not very near the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Oh dear. You are not from around here, Dude. You are talking driving DOWN STATE. Anything below Wilmington is DOWN STATE, and a whole 'nother world, away from Chicago and the Collar Counties. If one had the time for a 4-day or 3-day weekend, making a pilgrimage of it, maybe, but Chicago Catholics will most likely be celebrating Columbus Day at Our Lady of Pompei.

I’m of the opinion that anything below i-80 is downstate, much to the annoyance of my bro-in-law who is from Morris.

Kankakee is pretty close to Chgo, all things considered. And it’s east too.

While it is quite a hike for me (I am SW), I may attend.

We should have a dress code for any CAFers!

Kankakee really isn’t too far from Chicago at all. While it isn’t “just outside of Chicago” and might well be considered “downstate” it is so just barely. Shoot, you could easily do a daytrip to Bloomington/Normal or even Champaign from Chicago. Kankakee is 2 hours closer than either of those locales. Since this is a Saturday evening Mass, it probably counts for Sunday and you won’t have to rise early the next morning. Only the Italians celebrate Columbus Day in a significant way, anyway - and the parade is always on a Monday.

What do you know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh come on peeps… Kankakee is like the half way point when I am driving to Chicago… I tell you what… I will if you will… and I am coming from Champaign area…

Excuse me? “Only Italians celebrate Columbus Day in a significant way”? Columbus Day is one of the four major holidays with parades in Chicago, along with the Insert Brand Name Here Santa Claus parade, Bud Billiken and the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Channels 9 and 7 bother to send out a crew to televise the event.

While Kankakee could be a day trip, it is not just a hop on Metra type trip, as would say a trip to Mayslake, a stop at Techny, a quick pilmgrimage to Darien, or to
Mundelein to visit the carmelites.

You forgot Polish Independance Day, South Side Irish, Cinco De Mayo, Gay Pride, and a few others which I’m not thinking of offhand. The thing is that each ethnicity and population has it’s own biggie holiday and parade. Yes, others participate, but it is primarily directed at, put on, and celebrated by particular populations. Columbus Day is the Italians’.

While Kankakee could be a day trip, it is not just a hop on Metra type trip, as would say a trip to Mayslake, a stop at Techny, a quick pilmgrimage to Darien, or to
Mundelein to visit the carmelites.

Depends upon where you live and how far one wants to drive. Really, it isn’t THAT much farther than Darien. And if you are South, it is probably comparable (if not closer) than some of the other trips you note.

I think not, thank you. It is not my idea of a safe place, Kankakee, even among such a group.

Now THAT’S one I never heard before! lol

The dangerous, gang ridden, Kankakee area? All dem farmers with pitchforks kinda scary?

Oh, that’s right, convicted former Governor George Ryan DOES live there!

Coming up on Oct 6 - bump!

Ever been to Kankakee, the city, not the surrounding countryside? It reminds me a lot of parts of Rockford and Elgin- and not the historical districts, either.

Starting the first Sunday in Advent and every Sunday thereafter, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass will be offered at 12:30 PM at Holy Angels in Aurora, IL, offered by by Fr. Heintz, the pastor.

God bless!

You’re asking this of a native Chicagoan who has spent time in all parts of the big city and has some familial roots in Kankakee?

Hey, what’s wrong with Rockford, anyway?! :tsktsk:

And Rockford’s had a TLM for years and years!

Nothing’s wrong with some parts of Rockford, just like nothing’s wrong with some parts of Elgin, Aurora, Joliet- when I went to Kanakee last year, there were more of those parts of Kankakee than the other places. And I grew up in Wrigleyville before it was fashionable, when it was plain old North Central Lake View.

Ok, while Kankakee might not be Naperville, it isn’t that bad. Besides, Kankakee HS’s Homecoming dance also starts at 7pm, so all of the hoodlums will be too busy dancing (well, going through breathalizers at that point). :slight_smile:

I don’t even like Naperville, and I live next door to it. But we really ended up in a bad part of Kankakee.

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