Me and soon to be wife will be in KC on the 29th (wedding night in KC)

Please give me a time and direction to a TLM.

2552 Gilham Rd. If my memory serves me, it’s right off of a highway. Besides, Gilham is a very large street and you should have no problem finding it.

I’ve driven by it before and it looks really pretty. If I ever end up living in Kansas City instead of Lawrence, I’ll probably go there for mass. I have an uncle who is at Our Lady of Guadalupe, and it would be really cool to go to one of his masses.

p.s. I forgot. Old St. Patrick’s is closed for renovation. The masses are being held at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. Sorry for the confusion.

p.p.s. Yeah, it’s between 35 and 70.,+MO&radius=0.0&cid=39099722,-94578333,17447450032458692539&li=lmd&z=14&t=m

The other option is Saint Philippine Duchesne Latin Mass Community at Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Kansas City, Kansas (yes, it’s a really long name). The website, with maps and Mass times, can be found here:

Sunday Mass times are 6:30am low Mass and 11:00am high Mass. Click here for a map of the location.

I know a several people in Lawrence who drive to Blessed Sacrament for Masses on Thursday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. Private message me if you want to more info or a ride.

In spite of its name (Chapel) it is a beautiful, real, full-style Church. I made my First Communion there. :extrahappy:

We attend both Blessed Sacrament and OSP @ Our Lady Of Sorrows, both are excellent beautiful churches run by GREAT priests!

there is also the main SSPX priory/ church HQ if that is more your cup of tea

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