TLM in Tennessee

Not sure if this belongs here or not but I thought I’d see…Does anyone know of any parish in the State of Tennessee where the TLM is celebrated? I have never attended one and would really like to. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Here’s what I found for Indult Masses.

St. Therese of Lisieux
1st & 3rd Sunday: 3:00 PM

St. John Neumann Church
2nd & 4th Sundays: 3:00 PM new time

Church of the Nativity
Sunday: 9:00 AM

Thanks! At least there’s one pretty close to me in Memphis!

Here’s their address and web page:

Address: 5955 St. Elmo, 38135
Diocese: Memphis
Mass Time - Sun: 9:00 AM.
Source(s) of Mass Time(s): C, K, P, Q, W
e Mail : Web page : ""

  You might want to contact them and be sure the times haven't changed.

I am delighted to hear this! I moved home to Texas four years ago, but lived in Knoxville before that. We attended St. John Neumann Church in Farragut. The priest there (Fr. John Dowling) is wonderful–I’m assuming he is still there. He is completely orthodox! TLM, if you’re in the Knoxville area, I highly recommend that you attend a Mass at St. John Neumann!:slight_smile:


I think the TLM at St. John Neumann has been changed to 1


Here’s a the website for the Traditional Mass in Knoxville. It’s at 1:30 whenever at St. John Neumann, and 3:00 when at St Therese of Lisieux.

As far as I know Father Orr celebrates the TLM at St. John Neumann. You can also see pics of our Bishop attending the TLM
during advent.

Yes, Fr. Dowling IS the stuff! :thumbsup: He is still there, organizing the construction of the new church, done in the traditional neo-gothic way. A big contrast to the current SJN!

9:00 am is still correct. Now that we have two priests in the diocese who celbrate the TLM, we go over to Blessed Sacrament every third Thursday of the month. Mass there starts at 8:30 am. Address there is:
** 2564 Hale Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112-3398
(901) 452-1543 / FAX (901) 452-1592**

Thanks! I had no idea there was one in Cleveland. That’s only about 25 miles from me, just down Interstate 75!

In the Nashville area I think that there is a TLM at St. Mary’s on Saturday evenings. I haven’t been yet as I’ve just found out about it.

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