TLM & Inculturation

Maybe I put it in the wrong forum, but I’d really like to know the answer to this question. How does the TLM fit with the theology behind incultration? Or is it that incultration is misunderstood? This has been resulting in confusion for me so I’d really like to know. Thanks.

My take on the TLM is that it is one of our universal Church’s best found ways to worship Him. Since it is universal, that means total inclusiveness and it’s not in one culture’s language as opposed to another’s - it’s in the Church’s language which is for anyone/everyone who wants to truly worship God!

Just my :twocents:

Thank you, well at least I got an answer. That seems logical.:slight_smile:

Local culture influences, art, architecture, vestments, and such, but the entire Latin Church (except certain religious orders, and the Archdiocese of Milan) used the Missal and rubrics of the Tridentine Mass, with some exceptions where local custom ruled.

I have always thought it odd that the Latin culture of the Latin Church is down played. Anyway, I think that you are saying that inculturation is misunderstood?


My question is answered, thank you.:slight_smile:

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