TLM Indult Might not Happen?

This was just posted at Domus Dei. I haven’t had time yet to read through the linked article but the speech seems to throw some uncertainty around the possibly of the indult being granted.

The French episcopate, basically, has flipped out.

It’s funny. They didn’t flip out when their churches emptied.

But mention “Tridentine Mass” (Messe tridentine) and they explode in apoplexy.

It’s hilarious in a certain sense.

The Dutch bishops also condemned the whole Indult idea. That’s even funnier, since their churches are emptier than the French ones.

why don’t we just wait and see what HH Benedict XVI says? Why speculate? when the Supreme Pontiff makes it official, I’ll believe it. Until then, speculation is only speculation.

From Father Z’s blog, there apparently is nothing new on the indult.

The speech was designed to calm down the French bishops who have been sending spittle flecked missives to the Holy See, worried that Pope Benedict XVI was about to abolish the Second Vatican Council… or something.
In any event, I take this as Benedict’s and Ricard’s way of getting them ready for the bad news. So the M.P. isn’t signed yet. So it needs to be studied more. Okay…. fine. We have waited. However, I cannot fathom that Card. Ricard would make such an address if it was not going to happen, and fairly soon at that. He speech seemed all about getting them ready for the moment with the other *chaussure *drops.

Read the entire blog post. The Addendum is hilarious.

Perhaps the Vatican should delay the promulgation of the indult until the feast day of either St. Denis or St. Jeanne d"Arc.

Just read the Addendum…yeah, I agree it’s hilarious :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Fr. Z link…

Yup you just gotta love ‘Off the Record’.


In the meantime, Mass is still Mass. Praise God we can attend Mass every week, or even every day of we choose.

I’m thinking that the Pope will politely take what the French bishops had to say into account and hopefully ignore them. Same with the Dutch. Neither group have exactly stellar performances in keeping the Faith alive in their respective lands. :rolleyes:

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