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I’m leaving on Sunday for Quantico, VA and will be spending the next six weeks at Marine Corps Base Quantico. I am hoping to find a TLM Mass that I can attend during my six weeks there. I tried looking at, but it didn’t say whether the Masses were NO or TLM. I also looked at the Diocese website and checked out many of the Churches website from there. However once again It never said whether their Masses were NO or TLM. Is anyone familiar with the area, or can point me in the right direction on the web to find out? Unfortunately I will be riding via a taxi so the closer to base I can find one, the cheaper it will be. However I am willing to drive to DC if I have to. DC is about 45 minutes away, and traffic shouldn’t be too bad on a Sunday morning. Fredericksburg, VA is also an option as it is only 30 minutes away. Any help would be appreciated. Anything in DC, Arlington, Manassas, Fredericksburg area would be fine. Thanks.


There is a Church in Chinatown in DC that has the TLM. The name is St. Mary Mother of God, my brother-in-law will be in residence there in the fall. I just checked, and that is the place. It lists which masses are TLM.

Thank you for your service and God Bless


There are five around the D.C. area. Here is one and I don’t know if this is the one attended by Pat Buchanan.

There is one in Silver Springs, MD, St. John Ev. at 8am
Also one in Benedict, MD, St. Francis de Sales at 11am
One in Alexandria, VA, St. Lawrence Martyr at 12:30pm
and in Front Royal, VA, St. John the Baptist at 12:30pm.

Hope you can make it.


Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.


You need to cancel Benedict,MD and Front Royal,VA as they both are more than 60 miles from Quantico.

You can get to Silver Spring and Alexandria by using the DC METRO and I’m sure that there is bus service from the Base to the METRO.

Get addresses for the churches and then use the taxis from the METRO…

hope this helps…


Thanks for the info Patchunky. I checked all five out on mapquest. St. Lawrence the Martyr is the closest and St. Mary Mother of God isn’t too far. I’ll probably go to both during my trip.


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