Forgive me if this has been asked already, but I noticed this while going over some old threads:

The chapel in Hanceville would be perfect for the TLM. Televise **that, **and there would be such demand for the TLM that the bishops hostile to the TLM would be overwhelmed.

Setting aside the “hostile” part, has anyone heard if there are plans for EWTN to televise the TLM? IIRC, the sisters were granted permission to celebrate the TLM in Hanceville, but just couldn’t televise it. Now that the MP has been released is there any word on the television restriction being lifted (I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be now)? I would suspect they would be chomping at the bit to televise their TLM the day the MP goes into effect.

From what I have heard, the Bishop retains the right to govern what gets televised in his diocese, and the MP has no authority over that. On The World Over special a few weeks ago Raymond said something about the “official” EWTN position which was something along the lines of: It doesnt look like it is going to happen, but that doesnt rule out a change in the future.

But if they are having a “private” Mass at which the camera crew “spontaneously attends” then the bishop has nothing to say about it, per Sanctorum Pontificum. Moreover, the congregation of the Eternal Word is a religious order; per the motu proprio such congregations can decide to switch to the old Latin Mass without the need to consult anyone or get their approval.


Bishop Foley and EWTN have had issues (fairly significant ones, apparently) over this matter in the past. It had been the bishop’s position that EWTN was not to televise TLM Masses. Now, perhaps that position will change in the future, but nothing can change for the time being. The new problem is that the Diocese of Birmingham has been without a bishop for two years, since Bishop Foley retired and then JPII died before naming a successor. The issue has still not been dealt with, so all of Bishop Foley’s policies remain in effect until a new bishop is named.

Rolltide has it, altho Bishop Foley’s edict (described in detail in Raymond Arroyo’s bio of Mother Angelica) was actually on televising “ad orientem” masses, which, of course, would include TLM masses. Pray for Benedict XVI to name (and soon) a bishop who thinks like he does.

So are you saying that if the holy Father decides to celebrate christmas eve mass at St. Peters in Rome in the extraordinary rite that EWTN could be refused by the local bishop to televise it ?

Well first, there’s no local bishop at all currently to say anything one way or the other. Second, I think the bishop was mainly restricting the Masses that actually take place within the diocese. It’s never been an issue before, and since a papal Mass is a special event, it would probably be televised as such as an exception, just as they can air portions of TLM Masses in other dioceses as part of documentaries.


I beg to differ! Bishop David Foley IS and WILL REMAIN the Bishop of the Diocese of Birmingham! Yes, he retired, but when the Pope died, Rome asked him to stay until they could appoint a new Bishop. He is very much alive and well and in control of our diocese!

Check your facts!

That it could be filmed with the permission of the celebrant is possible (Unless the local ordinary has reserved this right unto himself.) But the the issue of broadcasting it is seperate altogether.

No, from my understanding of what Arroyo said, the authority of the bishop is over what is physically done in and from locations in his diocese. In this particular case, Foley has the authority over what is televised from Irondale and Hanceville. He does not have authority to prevent the televising from Irondale of something that happens in Rome.

As I recall, and it’s been awhile since I read about this, Foley submitted his resignation as required upon turning 75. This was accepted by John Paul, or the appropriate bureaucrats under him. However, upon the death of the pope and during the interregnum, the Vatican stops its printing presses. This is so that no forged “official” decrees can be issued while there is a sede vacante. It also means that Foley’s first resignation was never promulgated.

Can. 416 The episcopal see becomes vacant by the death of the diocesan Bishop, by his resignation accepted by the Holy See, by transfer, or by deprivation notified to the Bishop.

Can. 417 Until they have received certain notification of the Bishop’s death, all actions taken by the Vicar general or the episcopal Vicar have effect. Until they have received certain notification of the aforementioned papal acts, the same is true of actions taken by the diocesan Bishop, the Vicar general or the episcopal Vicar.

He had to resubmit his resignation to Benedict. Again it was accepted.

Can. 421 ß1 Within eight days of receiving notification of the vacancy of an episcopal see, a diocesan Administrator is to be elected by the college of consultors, to govern the diocese for the time being, without prejudice to the provisions of can. 502 ß3.

As it turned out, Bishop Foley was elected as diocesan Administrator. So David Foley is a bishop, but he is not The Bishop of Birmingham, merely the Diocesan Administrator of Birmingham.

Bishop Foley no longer serves as the Bishop of Birmingham…he currently serves as the Diocesan Administrator - a position he was “elected to” after his retirement in order to serve the administrative needs of the diocese. As per the statement read during The World Over Live’s coverage of the Motu Propio, EWTN is investigating the possibilities of televising the “Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.”

What is the all time record for a diocese going without an official bishop?

I think EWTN is being real quiet about everything figuring if they don’t ruffle Pope Benedict XVI’s feathers that he’ll appoint a bishop who will pretty much be hands off when itcomes to EWTN.

They’re probably right. Pope Benedict XVI will appoint the right man!

I wonder if any oope will ever celebrate Mass at the church you see on Sundays on EWTN?

I wonder if any pope will ever visity the EWTN studios?

SO if I have been following this thread correctly, a pro TLM Bishop could be appointed any day now and the TLM will become a regular occurrence, at least on major feast days?

Since the TLM is celebrated at the Hanceville Abbey, I suspect that would be the Mass EWTN would televise, rather than the one we see televised now from Irondale.

Quoted for truth.

So what is the official difference in being our diocese’ bishop and being administrator? He still officiates at anything special around here.

And by the way, He’s really a great guy. His homilies are very down to earth. I even gave him confession when our priest was out during his stroke last month. He makes everyone feel like they matter.

Why the fear of the TLM? This goes beyond preference… I honestly feel that there is a FEAR of the TLM and I do not understand why. Are we not worshipping the Almighty in the manner that so many of our blessed saints have done in the past? If it was good for them then, then why is it not good for us today? Why the fear? There is something else going on here that I fear to mention. Pray for the Holy Father that he would be resolute in his convictions as he leads us back to the faith of our fathers.

Oh really, when did they start?

All the masses I have been to there have been NO, but lots of Latin and ad orientem.

BTW, Miss Bonnie and I are going to the 1000 Mass there in the lower church, to avoid the bi-weekly guitar mass at our parish.

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