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The Crisis: The Freeing Up of the Roman Rite is Imminent
Posted by: Admin on Monday, October 02, 2006 - 04:42 PM
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The Freeing Up of the Roman Rite is Imminent

As it had been already anticipated months ago by the Archivum Liturgicum, in a few weeks the Holy Father will promulgate the document freeing the Roman Liturgy. Numerous informed sources had confirmed the date of publication of the decree as November. As far as we know, the content of the document would deal with the total freeing up of the Tridentine Rite, according to the Rubrics of 1962–placing it side by side with the Novus Ordo; the new liturgy would be defined as the “ordinary rite” while the traditional rite would be known as the “extraordinary rite”, without any limitation on the celebration on the part of any Catholic priest. It seems that the decree, already signed by the Holy Father at the beginning of September, explicitly notes the hope that the main churches will celebrate at least one Sunday Tridentine Mass. If what is being said in the Roman Curia comes to fruition…this freeing of the Mass will represent one of the more important actions of the pontificate of Benedict XVI including the Papal celebrations of the Mass…


I’ll believe this when my priest is allowed to celebrate the TLM at our parish along with his downtown trips.


OK, here’s my thing. If he signed it in September, why is he waiting until November to release it? Seems odd to me.

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Amen! Amen! Amen!


Perhaps he will sign it right before his trip to Turkey ? :confused:


I’m sure I’d attend it once, then back to my good ol’ English Mass.


Lets just all wait and see.


There isn’t much chance that the Tridentine Latin mass is going to be making such a quick comeback.

Certainly, Benedict XVI, or any pope, can change the liturgy if they will it. But simply signing a document and/or making a speech, isn’t going to do it.

A priest just cannot wake up this morning and decide that he will be saying Latin mass, even if it is permitted. They still have to know how to do it.There is a huge learning gap, in training priests as well as altar servers, before this is a reality.

If Benedict signs the paper, and makes the educational commitment, we might have Latin back in my parish in 20 years.


I think a great number of priests who have not had the experience of learning how to say the Latin Mass will actually embrace learning how - I just have this feeling that once they get into it there will be no holding them back. It is truly especially wonderful for the priest to say the Mass according to the Liturgy of the Tridentine Latin Mass.


Of course it is :slight_smile:

The same Mass which has sustained and created countless Saints in its milennia of existence - truely wonderful.


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Dost thou have a link to the original webpage?
Or any other credible source you got this info from?
People can say some funny things you know…


When the NO Mass became “official” it didn’t take the priests or altar servers 20 years to learn it. They were expected to flip immediately. Heck, seminarians only study 8-12 years and they learn a whole lot more than how to say Mass.

In our diocese, there are several, if not dozens, of priests able and willing to say the TLM but currently not allowed to. There are also many younger, orthodox priests who would welcome the challange.

It won’t be overnight but, if this report is true, I hope to see the TLM in at least a few more parishes in our diocese within a few years.


The difference is that the priests and altar servers already knew English, and of course the rules for saying English mass are a lot less involved than those for the Tridentine.


The bolded portion made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

If the “sources” are well known then why not name them?

Also, “as far as we know” the unreleased document is going to free up the TLM. Heck as far as I know it is nothing more than a grocery list.

As I say everytime this pops up on this forum, which seems to be at least monthly if not more frequently, I will believe it when it happens. No use in speculating.

Especially when we have no real credible report of any such thing happening.


I wonder :hmmm: if this “November rumor” will be an annual event?

cf. [thread=80207]Latest TLM Rumor[/thread],
[thread=86600]November 19th announcement[/thread],
and probably others.


Latin Mass: I predict

K, have you talked to an altar server lately? I’m not sure they do know English. Just talk to ‘em for a minizzle and you’ll pick up what I’m layin’ down, dawg. Know’m sayin?

And they also don’t know how to pull their pants up and wear a baseball cap properly.


It’s now a Tradition.

We love Tradition. :thumbsup:

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