TLM or OF for Protestant Children

I told my teenage kids that I want us to attend Easter Services as a family and I want to take them to mass. They will get to see where I have been going all these Sundays.

They protested that they don’t want to go to some “boring Catholic church”. They also strongly stated, “We’re not Catholic”! Now, keep in mind, they are never enthusiastic about the protestant church either.

However, since I don’t want them to go to the Protestant church alone as if they are parent-less and since I want to attend mass, I am choosing to take them to mass with me. I bribed them with dinner at a restaurant afterwards.

I also gave them the option of us attending the 9 AM protestant service and then going to mass. They chose, what in their eyes, is the lesser of two evils. They reluctantly and with much eye rolling, chose to go to the mass.

So the question is, should I take them to a very reverent OF or a TLM?

Which one do you think would make the most positive impression on them?


Whichever one you enjoy the most yourself, will probably be what your children will prefer. Children tend to take after their parents in matters of taste.

Depends how much interest they have in the faith. Given they are reluctant as it is, a TLM will bore them to death. They can’t understand the words plus there isn’t much participation from the laity. Not a good thing to expose people who already aren’t that interested to begin with.

That’s my 2 cents.

TLM fo sho. Everything returns in full force for Easter Sunday, and it’s far from boring.

I know what you mean. But actually there is a good amount of participation from the Laity. This particular parish SINGS.

I don’t know if the Asperges is sung on Easter, but the parish sings along (alternating with the choir). The credo is also sung by the congregation.

But there is a lot of genuflecting, bowing and I suspect they will just tune out when they hear the Latin.

Then again, maybe the beauty of the rituals will make it at least interesting for them?

Sometimes I think I prefer the TLM but I also enjoy the OF at the parish I go to. That parish seems to have more community.

They also have a 9AM TLM, at that parish, but it seems to only have one cantor, and I’m sorry to say, but I like there to be a full choir or schola.

So when I want to go to a TLM, I go to another parish. They are within walking distance of each other.

But I’m going off topic.

You can try. I’m trying to place myself in the mind of an uninterested child. I know I was that way when I was younger.

There might be a certain “cool” factor for them with the Latin, as well - and with a High Mass they will probably be able to hear most of it. :slight_smile:

Often times what attracts a person to the Mass is not finding something that is familiar to them. I know that one of the original reasons I started liking the TLM so much over the NO is that it wasn’t familiar to me. The music is something I wouldn’t hear anywhere else, the language wasn’t something I’d hear anywhere else. Essentially, it was very mysterious, and thus, intriguing. I have never had that feeling for the NO.

So my vote definitely goes to the TLM.

I’m happy the first mass I went to was a TLM. It was indeed mysterious and beautiful. Then again, I’m not a teen.

If there is sprinking of water before Mass, it would be the “Vidi Aquam” instead of the “Asperges Me” on Easter.

Oh yeah. I remember seeing that in the missalette somewhere.

Speaking as a teenager I say go for the TLM. A TLM will grab their attention and make them say “what the…”. But even then a one-off wont help. Repeated excursions are necessary.

Either way, the kids will love it. I don’t know why they don’t have the sprinkling of water before every Mass.

Just ask them which they would prefer to go to. If they seem opposed to the idea of not being able to understand what is being said then go to a OF Mass, if they seem interested in hearing latin try the TLM.

There is an option to have a sprinkling rite for every Mass, but it is an option.

I would suggest the Easter Vigil for the teens. It can be very long, but with all the candles it’s striking.

Asking children (who already have shown a distaste for religion apparently) for their opinion is not anything that I would suggest in this situation. When I first heard about Mass being said in Latin I had zero interest in it. However, the impression I got when I actually attended one was entirely opposite of what I expected. Note that I never got a say in whether I was going or not. I was just taken and that was that. If my opinion had been asked, I’d have never experienced it.

The TLM it will teach them patience and they willl have a chance to see how beautiful Our Catholic Faith is.

I think I will take them to the TLM. I wish I could take them to the Easter Vigil, but I’m sure they won’t like a 3 hour vigil.

Maybe take them to the TLM but provide them with a missal? :slight_smile: (or a print out of the translation)

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