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This website/blog ( has setup a petition to capture support data for the Tridentine Mass. This could be useful in the event that some bishops ignore the Motu proprio by claiming that there is no support in their diocese. The site does ask for city/state/country…but maybe it would have been better to ask for diocese info so that they can dump a list of those in a particular diocese where a problem occurs?

Anyway, if you want to add your name to the list go to this link:

Tridentine Mass Poll

Done! I signed the petition and posted a comment!

Great! :slight_smile: I am going to email them to see if they would be able to dump reports from particular cities if needed in the future. For example, let’s say Cardinal Mahony some time down the road claims there is no support in his diocese for the Tridentine Mass. If this site can produce a list from petitioners in Los Angeles proving him wrong I think it would go a long way. :slight_smile:

I’ve signed. :slight_smile:

Signing is only half the battle, mass email all your friends and family. I think this would be very effective. :smiley:

The bishop no longer needs to approve the Tridentine Mass in your Diocese- no matter what he or others may say.

One of the reasons for the Motu Proprio is to bypass the local bishops who have “been stingy” on granting requests for the TLM.

You need no permission as of Sept 14. Simply find a parish that has a priest who is willing and able to do it.


I think what Mike is referring to is the distinct possibility that some Bishops may do anything in their power to undermine the Motu Propio. Some Bishops have already come out and downplayed the MP by implying it would not apply to their diocese due to lack of demand, etc. Others have stated that the Tridentine would be no more welcome in their diocese even if the MP came along because of the lack of resources…

I can fully see a Bishop “moving” a Priest out of a parish who wishes to celebrate the Tridentine if the Bishop doesn’t want him to.

I think the aim of Domus Dei is to simply demonstrate that there is an interest/demand for the Tridentine. A pre-emptive strike of sorts - in the case that the Bishop(s) should deny there is interest in the liturgy.

I say, why not?? We should do anything in our power to support the MP – it is only through active support that we can make things happen… and of course the will and the aid of Almighty God! :slight_smile:

bump :thumbsup:

Our Bishop did move a TLM priest out of our Diocese and years ago we signed a petition to get the TLM and he refused! We have the most liberal diocese in this country, I believe, and it is not getting better. We have no priests and the Bishop refuses priests to come in if they are loyal to the faith. So, just an example that it has been done. :crying:

I have become so distressed about the situation, I even had temptations to not go to church, but then the Holy Spirit rights my mind and refocused me on why I go, etc. If it weren’t for EWTN and Catholic radio and my family and God, I probably would have lost my faith in this diocese.

I completely understand where you are coming from. Here in Lubbock, Texas our bishop will not have anything to do with the TLM. The only TLM we have is by a sedevacantist. I went there for a while, never received any sacraments, but just knew I couldn’t stay.

For a long time I couldn’t stand to even go to the NO mass because every time I would go I would see more and more abuses. If it wasn’t for things like EWTN and watching the TLM on youtube I would have left a while ago but he Holy Spirit kept me around. Now I am even applying to a traditional seminary.

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