TLM Question

In the TLM, There is a part during the Canon where after the Consecration, the acolyte, or server, lifts up and sometimes kisses the Chasuble of the Celebrant…Why is this done and what doess it symbolize?

Are you maybe referring to the solita oscula? Each time you hand something to the priest, you kiss the thing, then his hand. when you take something from him, you kiss his hand then the thing.

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The server lifts up the bottom of the priest’s chasuble on two occasions immediately after consecration to enable the priest to more easily raise up high, the precious host and blood respectively. In the past often the chasuble was quite heavy and it was in a sense a necessity to have the server’s assistance in this way - it has continued as a part of the ritual even though the chasuble is usually now not so heavy as it often would have been. While custom may vary from place to place, in my experience it is unusual for there to be a solita oscula when the server lifts the chasuble.

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