TLM study info needed

I belong to a Faith group that meets monthly and discuss somewhat random topics about our Catholic faith. We’re fortunate enough to have a priest who joins us and is able to give some guidance/structure to our conversations.

This month the meeting is at our house and as the host couple, I thought discussing the TLM would be interesting. I’m looking for some reference material that I can send out for everyone to read up a bit before our meeting. We’re all in our early 40’s and I don’t think anyone has ever actually attended a TLM.

Couple of quick guidelines;

  • short, easy to read
  • loyal to the Magisterium (nothing that remotely suggests that the NO is an “abomination”)



The New Liturgical Movement Blog - Full of all kinds of information on traditional Liturgical Rites. art, architecture, sacred music, and loyal to the magisterium.

Latin Mass Society of England and Wales - Lots of excellent articles and information.

Una Voce America - The Una Voce Federation is an internation group that promotes the traditional Mass. In full communion with Rome. Lots of good resources.

Fish Eaters - Lots of information on just about everything from local customs, to the whys and hows of traditional Catholicism. This site is one of my favorites.

Those 2 g-lines exclude about 2/3 of the US clergy.

The NO is an abomination!!.

Why do you want to go there? :nope: This can be such a nice thread.

I’d try to be a little delicate. Maybe you can begin with the Ottaviani Intervention.

Here’s the cover letter that accompanied it, which was signed by Cardinal Ottaviani and Bacci. Cardinal Ottaviani was in charge of the Holy Office (the position Cardinal Ratzinger held before becoming Pope) under three Popes:

A group reading of this introduction letter, followed by a detailed study of the examination of the accompanying Critical Study, commonly known as the Ottaviani Intervention would make for an interesting and thought provoking night at KWITZ’s house.:eek:

Here’s a link:

I DON’T want to know about the NO.

Is it impossible for TLM loyalists to speak of TLM without a NO bashing thrown in? [Edited by Moderator]

This is definitely the way to convince those of us unfamiliar with the TLM to take a closer look at it.


Links/articles at the bottom of this page.

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