TLM Table of Movable Feasts?

One downside of using a missal printed in 1958 is that the listing of the holy days, sundays, etc is out-of-date. Is there a current listing online I could print out?

Do you want a list of moveable feasts, or a list of the dates of moveable feasts in these years (2008, 2009, 2010, etc.)?

The dates. My missal has a list, but it stops with the dates in the 90s…

Basically I want the TLM dates for this year, next year, etc.


Could you please type out the headings that your missal gives the dates for? Easter, Ascension, etc.

I forgot, also what year would you like it until?

It’s actually a table of sundays and movable feasts.

My missal lists through 1975, just the movable feasts is through 1997…I’d like the next five years at least.

Holy Name of Jesus
Holy Family
2nd-6th sunday after epiph.
1st-4th sunday of lent
passion sunday
palm sunday
easter sunday
1st-5th sunday after easter
ascension day
sunday after ascension
trinity sunday
corpus christi
2nd-26th sunday after pentacost
sacred heart
christ the king
last sunday after pentacost
1st-4th sunday of advent
sunday after christmas

It seems like there should be a resource for this online. AJV, this would be an excellent service if you’re able to compile these, although it looks like it could be a lot of work…

Does seem strange there’s nothing like this available online already though…


mp, not really. The 1960 rubrics make it much easier since there are no anticipated Sundays or stuff like that.

Yeah, I know, I totally expected someone to be like…oh here’s the link…I totally thought I was asking something easy.

Hay you got a new one. Mine stopped in 1972.

Here’s the link :smiley: :wink:

I included one row for 1978 so that you can cross check with your missal to confirm the accuracy and tell me if there are mistakes. Only it might be slightly different for the Sundays of Epiphany in your missal because of the change in the 1960 rubrics.

I have also included a table to show how the some Propers of the Masses of the Sundays after Epiphany will be transferred to after Pentecost, depending on the number of Sundays.

It’s a bit long over the pages- but you can cut/copy it and arrange it above/below as you like before printing?

thank you! You rock!

Someone (me, you, someone else?) should totally make this into an HTML file and post it online for everyone to use. Surely I’m not the only one with an older missal. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to mention that the table does NOT take into account, the situations when the II Class Sunday is commemorated due to a I Class feast, or when the Sunday is omitted due to a I or II Class feast of the Lord falling on a Sunday. Or the Immaculate Conception occurring in Advent replacing the Sunday (as will happen in 2013)

Thanks, AJV, this is very helpful!


What is II class, I class?:confused:

“I Class” and “II Class” are the ranks given to the highest feasts in the calendar. The following fixed feasts are among the I and II Class feasts (the other ones are like Easter, Sacred Heart, etc. already in the table) “of the Lord”:

Most Precious Blood – July 1
Transfiguration – August 6
Exaltation of the Holy Cross – September 14
Dedication of the Archbasilica of Holy Savior – November 9

And if they coincide with any of the Sundays:

  1. after Epiphany
  2. Septugaesimatide
  3. Easter (apart from Easter Sunday and Low Sunday)
  4. after Pentecost

they replace it.

These I Class feasts of the saints will also replace the previously mentioned Sundays if they fall on a Sunday but for these, the Sundays will be commemorated (Collect, Secret and Postcommunion of the Sunday added to the Collect, secret and Postcommunion of the saint):

Annunciation of the BVM –March 25
St. Joseph, Spouse of the BVM –March 19
St. Joseph the Worker – May 1
Nativity of St. John the Baptist –June 24
St. Peter and Paul – June 29
Assumption of the BVM – August 15
Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel – September 29
All Saints – November 1
Immaculate Conception - Dec 8

The Immaculate Conception falls in Advent, but even so, it replaces the Sunday of Advent, if it falls on it…

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