TLMs in NYC and surrounding area

are there any good TLMs that one can attend if vacationing in NYC? Any FSSP, SSPX etc in the area?

Ask TrueLight. PM her.

I found this site:

Latin Mass. St. Agnes near Grand Cental Station. Area is convenient and is midtown.

I can’t get the previous bulletins to load, but as you can see the Tridentine High Mass on Christmas and New Year’s is listed. Since I can’t get the bulletins to load, they may have other Latin Masses during the week preceding and following Christmas. You could call the rectory for information, unless you can view the bulletins that would show the regular schedule as well.

You should not attend a SSPX mass if another licit mass is available, as while their mass is a valid consectration of the Eucharist, it is currently an illicit celebration of it, similar to the Eastern Orthodox.

I would highly recommend the Church of the Holy Innocents, located at 128 W37. The Latin Mass is everyday at 6p ET.


If you are really lucky to be there at the right times at Holy Innocents, you’ll get to have mass said by this famous internet Celebrity of the Catholic Blogosphere:

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf. He frequently says EF masses at that parish.

Church of the Holy Innocents
128 W. 37th St. between Broadway and 7th Ave.
Sundays 10AM Sung Mass followed by Convivium in church hall
3PM - Sung Vespers and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday at 6PM - Low Mass
Wednesday and Fridays at 6 PM - Sung Mass
Saturdays at 1 PM - Sung Mass or Low Mass
Masses for Holy Days of Obligation and Feast Days - Sung or Solemn

St. Agnes Church
143 E. 43rd St. between Lexington and Third Aves.
Sundays at 11 AM - Sung Mass
Last Monday of the Month at 6:15 PM - Sung Mass
Sponsored by the New York Purgatorial Society.
In November, usually moved to sometime in the first week of the month

Church of Our Saviour
59 Park Avenue at 38th St.
Sundays at 9 AM - Sung Mass Low Mass in August
Some Holy Days of Obligation (i.e Christmas)

Midnight Mass will be sung (or solemn) in the Extraordinary Form at the Church of the Holy Innocents followed by a reception in the Church hall.

All Night Vigils in front of the Blessed Sacrament Exposed in the monstrance take place every First Friday beginning and concluding with Mass said according to the 1962 Missal.

What he said. :thumbsup:


There is one SSPX chapel in NYC.

If you are staying in Brooklyn,
There is a TLM at 9:30 AM on Sundays

Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church
522 Carroll Street, Brooklyn NY 11215
Ph: 718-624-5122

It’s diocesan priests.
This is in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, 2 blocks from Union St station on the R line.

Or go to Holy Innocents in NYC!

Yes, if I had to recommend one mass, I’d recommend the one at Holy Innocents. :thumbsup:

I want. They are using some fabulous mass setting for the Christmas EF.

What mass setting are they using? It doesn’t seem to be on their website.

Sorry, it’s Saint Agnes, not Holy Innocents.

Thanks. The Padilla setting is lovely, and the Howells setting for midnight mass also very beautiful.

I don’t know, but it’s bound to be awesome and the servers are excellent.

Hey, if you have some energy, attend both. St Agnes is at 10 and Holy Innocents is at 12. Holy Innocents has food afterwards.

Your information about the priests is incorrect. We do have 1 diocesan priest who on occasion says the Mass at Our Lady of Peace, but his schedule doesn’t permit him to do so very often, although he will be saying the Mass on Christmas Day. Our usual priest is a Jesuit professor from Fordham University, and occasionally we will have one of his Jesuit colleagues filling in for him. This past week we had a priest from the UN Observer office say our Mass, Msgr. Cionini, who is excellent. He will be saying the Christmas Day Mass at St. Agnes.

But you do have the location right!

But I also highly recommend Holy Innocents. In my opinion, it’s the best in town.

It is suggested that one not go to a SPPX chapel to
attend a TLM if one is not available among “normal”
Catholic parishes. And I read on this site that one
should not attend an Eastern Orthodox Liturgy
because it is not licit. I have to tell you that the
Orthodox liturgy is simply so majestic and
reverent and traditional, and it is truly sacred.
You cannot even compare the Orthodox
Divine Liturgy to the typical Catholic Novus
Ordo Mass, with the lay ministers in secular
dress, the altar girls, the pop music, the
dumbed down bare and spartan churches.
To me, an Orthodox Liturgy is more holy
than any Novus Ordo Mass–you will find
no fashionable modern innovations in
Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy does not throw out
the baby with the bath water. Many Catholics
I know are so sick and tired of dumbed down
Protestant-flavored Novus Ordo Masses. In
fact, many refuse to attend them because they
see the Novus Ordo, while valid, as a distracting
and annoying and “botched” rendition of the
holy Mass. There is true holiness in the
Orthodox liturgy and it puts to shame the
Novus Ordo, which was constructed by
six Protestant ministers and a Cardinal
suspecyed of Freemasonary.

Not sure how this long prose relates to the OP asking for a TLM, but okay.

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