To All CAF: What are you grateful about the Catholic Church has done since Second Vatican Council?


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What are you grateful for the Catholic Church since 2nd Vatican Council?


*]Revise the Lectionary
*]Revise the calendar of Saints
*]Create the Novus Ordo Mass
*]Restore RCIA
*]Publish the Catechism
*]Establish the Vatican website & Vatican radio/media
*]Dissemination of V-II Council documents
*]JPII’s canonization and beatification of many new Saints and Blesseds

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head


I am most grateful for the revised Lectionary because we now have much more of the bible. I am also glad that the imprecatory parts of the psalms have been removed. The publishing of the Catechism and the Compendium have been great also.


I am grateful for the enhanced call to ecumenism and Christian unity, without which I don’t know if my wife and I would be home today.

I am also grateful for a renewed focus on being a Church in the world, not just apart from it. In my view, the Church has really striven to be more charitable toward fellow Christians, and this is paying enormous dividends in fostering greater Christian unity.

So much work to do!


all of the above, especially the revised lectionary and the restoration of RCIA, and the infusion of the RCIA model into catechetical documents. In fact, all the various catechetical documents. The v2 docs, the ongoing liturgical revival, begun decades earlier and completed since 1965 (not the abuses, the actual prescribed changes).


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