To All CAF: What is your strongest and weakest skills in Apologetics?


To all CAF Members,

What is your strongest skills in Apologetics? I think I’m good at defending Marian Doctrines, Real Presence, but I think I need to work more on Justification, Inquistion, Crusades, and Papal History.

Oh, yes I need improvement in my typing skills in grammarical usage. I have the habit of not proof texting my post before sending them out.

That is why some members assumed English is My second language, which is not true. I do speak better than I type.


Ummm… everything!:blush:


I love that picture. It’s so pretty. Jesus with child.


Thank you.


Strongest is probably History. Weakest is definitely philosophy. My skills at defending doctrine are adequate, and my writing skills are tolerable. I spend a lot of time posting on atheist websites, so I wish I was stronger in philosophy and logic.


My strongest skill is in finding Scriptural support for Catholic doctrine and finding verses in multiple Bible translations. My weakest skill is in defending the Catholic faith to non-Christians. I usually discuss the faith with Protestants, not with atheists or Muslims.


I have not debated with atheists, Muslims or Mormons. So I think if I were to discuss my faith and defend it, I wouldn’t do so well. In this CAF I have more experience with dealing with Protestants.

I have not debated with Orthodox Church yet, though I did have discussions with them. Most of those discussion have been about unification… and fixing relationship rather than doctrinal issues.


Spirituality is by far my strongest point. I’m good at all the rest. I’m a life long Catholic baptized as an infant. Catholicism is so natural and ingrained in me that I understand everything and believe all the Church teaches.

My weakest would be debating as I have little practice. I am quite shocked at some of the things non catholics say about us… I wish I could tell all of them that even though it all sounds foreign to them, the Catholic Church knows what it is talking about. Think about it…it all makes complete sense.


Same here, because the Orthodox have valid Sacraments and valid priesthood.


Exactly, I don’t like debating with them. I rather focus on issues that unit us.


I have no knowledge of Islam other than what I hear on the Evening News (which I don’t believe).

It is shameful on my part, because I really should take the time to study so that I can participate in the many questions from Muslims on this Board.

There is a class in my city taught by a priest, and I plan to try to go.

I don’t know if I have a strength. The only “strength” I have is that I spent more than 40 years as an evangelical Protestant, so I feel that I understand how these people think. But evangelical Protestantism is changing so fast and getting so divided that I’m quickly getting out of the loop. Some of the stuff that we did 40 years ago in my Conference Baptist church is no longer done (e.g., studying theology). And I used to be able to assume that evangelical Protestants possessed a working knowledge of the whole Bible. Now I meet up with many who have no idea what the Bible teaches. All they know is what their pastor teaches, or a book like Purpose Driven Life or a seminar speaker like Beth Moore say, or sometimes even a Christian musician has taught them.


I’m just a beginner:) , my mentor Mark J. Bonocore of said to me "It is very impression that someone your age has such zeal for the Faith. Please never loose your zeal; but also remember that everything is ultimately up to the grace of God. So, do not loose patience or become discouraged when you see people falling away from the Faith or when enemies of the Church speak lies against us. Remember what Jesus told us: “Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you …your reward will be great in Heaven.” Also, always keep in mind that you must do the Lord’s work based on the strength that He gives you, not on your own strength. So, pray for grace, and strength, and wisdom, and He will always give it to you and always lead you to say the right thing."
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I have been here over a year already and I would say the only strong point I have is showing the fruit of the spirit.:smiley:

Other then that—I got nothin:blush:

I have learned ALOT but am unable to put my knowledge into a coherent paragraph.:o

Im much better one on one and in person.:thumbsup:




Thank you for the positive feedback:blush: :smiley:


I think that you communicate very well. Although I don’t always agree with you, I think that you do a fine job communicating your intent, and you are a very charitable apologist!:slight_smile:


Thank you although I think calling me an apologist would be a disservice to the definition of the word.:wink: :smiley:

Especially when you compare me to the incredible people here(on both sides) who just do a phenominal job spelling out their beliefs.
They blow me away like an F-five tornado:eek:


I agree.:thumbsup:

Sometimes simplicity works best. The average person may not understand really heavy analysis of theological writings.


Strengths: rhetoric, disassembling arguments, tenacity
Weaknesses: all that talent, no faith to put it to work for :stuck_out_tongue:


STRONGEST = Marian Doctrines and The Missing Seven Books and the Primacy of Peter.

Weakest = Justification and Salvation - Paul is so screwed up and is so tainted with Pharisee legalism, no wonder some of the earlier christians believed his writings to be heretical.

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