To all Catholic Employers! Work Ethics and Moral Values!


Hello all. I came upon another thread about jobs and read this disturbing post by another user about his employer,. It has been on my mind ever since cuz it didn't sit right with me. Here is what he said:

"You can look at ads on the back of parish bulletins to find Catholic business owners and apply to jobs there. Doesn't always work, though, because my employer is Catholic, goes to adoration, but his employees (coworkers) drink beer Friday afternoons beginning at 3pm (on the clock), have hired a female stripper during work hours for another coworker who is attracted to the same-sex, and are hostile to the unborn with congenital disorders."

He goes on to say that his employer does not follow the HHS mandate whatever that means since I am still new to the Catholic faith. But my question to Catholic employers is this:

Do you follow the HHS mandate or do you make your employees uphold your moral values? Cuz this user's employer has hired a female stripper and allowed drinking. I have always believe what goes on in a company will reflect their reputation with their customers and what have you. I like to know what have you done for your company in the way of your moral values and what you allow or don't allow. This thread should be very interesting. :)


I work at a Catholic parish with an orthodox pastor and a small staff. Every day I give thanks to God that I do not have moral or spiritual conflicts at work. The hardest thing I have to do spiritually is to confront parishioners who are lukewarm and seek the sacraments. Let us pray for faithful Catholics in difficult jobs and to strengthen those who are lukewarm, lest they be spit out of God's mouth.


Yes, it is hard to keep the faith in a secular world nowadays. But it can be done if we are determined and Love the Lord. And be that example for others who have strayed from the path so that they may desire what we have. That shining light of God which will show in our countenance.


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