To All Christians: What is your ideal Pope?


I’m not sure if this should in this thread, but here it goes.

What is your ideal Pope, on the following subject.

I. Moral Teachings:

  1. The use of Contraception.

  2. Abortion.

  3. Euthanasia.

  4. Embyronic Stem Cell:

  5. Human Cloning.

  6. Homosexuality.

  7. Death Penalty.

II. Relations with Other-Christians.

  1. Eastern Orthodox Christians.

  2. Protestant Christians.

III. Non-Catholic Christians:

  1. Jews

  2. Muslim

  3. Buddhists

  4. Pagans

IV. Non-Believers:

  1. Atheists

  2. Gnostics

V. Schismatic Catholics

  1. SSPX

VI. Human Rights issue or Problems.

  1. Poverty

  2. Christian Persecution.

  3. World Hunger

  4. AIDS

  5. Proverty.

  6. Religious Freedom

VII. Environment Issue

  1. Global Warming

  2. Endangered Species or Threaten Species.


St. Peter - because his following of Christ led to his dying as Christ died:


Agreed! :slight_smile:


I like to make this a little clear. What do you you think the next Pope should be concerning the issues I just posted?


A holy Marian pope with a strong backbone. One that is not afraid to say that 'Outside the Catholic Church, their is no salvation.

All the Pope Saints teach that it is not a matter of believing, its a matter of belonging.

St. Pope Gregory I, the Great,

St. Pope Leo I, the Great,

St. Pope Nicholaus I, the Great,

St. Pope Gregory VII,

St. Pope Pius V,

Blessed Pope Pius IX,

St. Pope Pius X…Pray for Us!!!:highprayer:


Oppose it.

Excommunicate those politicians in favor of it


Same and any catholic scientists who are for it.


Make it extremely obvious that marital acts are within the context of marriage - and that marriage has always existed (at least in Catholicism) between Man and Woman. Make it obvious that that will not change. And make it just as obvious that anyone who is in a homosexual relationship is commiting a mortal sin.

Oh and excommunicate those catholics in favor of homosexual marriage.

I don’t know I kind of support it but then again I don’t. :shrug: In any case try to help those willing to repent repent.

Try to bring them back into the fold through charity. But also be uncompromising in Doctrine and Faith. Allow for wider use of their particular liturgies &c.

Maybe in this day and age when there is so much dissent within protestant circles reach out to those who don’t approve of the liberalizations.

Don’t stop praying for their conversion in the Mass - use the traditional forumula w/o the word “perfidis”.

  1. Buddhists




Liberalize the Tridentine Mass. Possibly use the TLM in papal liturgies.

But make it obvious that the dissent caused by SSPX was damaging to the faithful. And make it obvious that they have to come back into communion with Rome. That they can no longer say that any form of Catholic Mass is invalid.

I don’t know.

Use what voice the vatican has.

Encourage the rich to give to the poor.

Make it obvious that while the Holy See is willing to co-operate with some organizations to fight AIDS and loves those afflicted with it her position on condom use will not change.

This one was already mentioned.

Don’t force people to convert - stand up for the right to choose one’s religion, while opposing moral pluralism (e.g. abortion, birth control, homosexuality). Be nice to people of other faiths but pray for their conversion.

I don’t know about this - but encourage governments to protect forests. To use natural resources properly. And to plan cities effectively. Even teach about NFP - but don’t allow them to impose birth control or one child policies on the population.

Raise your voice in favor of habitate protection.


Are we being asked here for a Catholic perspective, or a non-Catholic one?

Clearly a Catholic is bound to follow the Pope’s teachings on all of these matters along with that of the magesterium, while a non-Catholic is not. Therefore you will get a different answer, depending on the denomination.


If I was Pope (currently I am not).

  1. The use of Contraception.

Ban on contraceptives before the first child, tolerated after.

  1. Abortion.


  1. Euthanasia.

Ban - but artifical feeding through a tube I would say can be “extraordinary and futile treatment”.

  1. Embyronic Stem Cell:

You mean use of humans as a model organism. Plainly evil.

  1. Human Cloning.


  1. Homosexuality.


  1. Death Penalty.

Doesn’t have a place in a modern country like the USA in peacetime.

  1. Eastern Orthodox Christians.
  2. Protestant Christians.
  3. Jews
  4. Muslim
  5. Buddhists
  6. Pagans

We must negotiate with all these people. What to do about them depends on what they say. Do they want to join or not?

  1. Atheists
  2. Gnostics

I’m currently trying to set up an atheist project. Atheists are to onyl real credible alternative to Catholicism, so it is vital that our philosophical efforts are invested there. Gnosticism is just a fad.

  1. SSPX

It’s Pius X’s society. Maybe there’ll be a Society of Malcolm Ist when my papacy is over.

  1. Poverty
  2. Christian Persecution.
  3. World Hunger
  4. AIDS
  5. Proverty.
  6. Religious Freedom

Basically these things are not my job. I’ll help secular politicians who are Catholics and trying to solve these problems, but I’ve no particular competence in recommending how to organise famine relief without uncutting poor farmers, for instance.

  1. Global Warming
  2. Endangered Species or Threaten Species.

The same. These are technical problems which some people are investing with a spiritual significance they don’t possess.


You know the issues I cited is addressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


I love our current Pope.

I know this will sound uppity, but I would like a Pope who truly loves and seeks to understand the United States and develop good relationships with the leaders, especially the President, as well as the religious leaders (the Bishops and the major non-Catholic leaders) in the U.S.

Together, President Reagan and Pope John Paul II, because of the intercession of the Blessed Mother and the work of brave people like Lech Wolesa, were able to end communism is Europe.

It is my opinion–and I know that many disagree–that the Pope is actually the “king” of this world (Jesus is the King, but His human emissary is the Pope). The U.S.–I know many will disagree–is the most powerful and richest nation in the world. The U.S. SHOULD be working with the “king” to make the world a better place.

I also think that the U.S. is badly in need of religious guidance, even more so than many of the so-called “pagan” nations. Because of our legalized “diversity”, U.S. citizens face tremendous pressures and temptations that many other countires don’t face. Cynicism and cults are rampant in the U.S.

The U.S. really NEEDS the Pope to pay more attention to us, IMO. Yet I get the feeling that Pope Benedict has no clue what is happening in the U.S. and that he is so disgusted with our country and our sins that he has essentially abandoned us. Please forgive me, Lord, and fellow Christians, if I am misjudging our Holy Father.

I certainly don’t think the Pope should ignore all the other countries in the world. But I wish that we could have an “Americanophile” Pope. I think it would help our country a lot.
For the U.S. to ignore the Pope is a mistake, but I also think it is a mistake for the Pope to ignore the U.S.


So we should contradict ourselves? Maybe repeal Humanae Vitae? We should say that what once revealed to be a mortal sin by the holy spirit is now fine as long as you have one child? That the Church was wrong? :eek:

Not only is this contrary to the holy spirit and morality but it also from a secular POV will lead to the faithful dismissing other things such as a ban on homosexual “marriages”. They’ll just wait for the church to “modernize” or “get with the times”. This is truly :frowning:



I’d like to see a Pope address the Democratic Convention and say that anyone who supports abortion supports murder!

I’d like to see that same pope go to Mecca and preach about Jesus even if it meant he was martyred.

If that happened would any in the world “Get It”?


Yes - I agree. But how many can bear the crown of martyrdom? And is that what Christ wants of the pope?



He wanted it of most of the popes for the first 300 years of the Catholic Church and they are recognized as saints–a far greater percentage than the last 300 years of popes.

Why would Jesus not want popes to be martyred for the faith?

What changed?

The early Catholic Church ws not afraid of the pagan Romans–is the Catholic Church now scared of Fundamentalist Moslems?

How can they ever be converted if everyone is afraid to go preach to them?

What is worse–the prospect of martyrdom in Mecca today or not doing anything and martyrdom occurring in Rome in the future?


Not every pope was martyred. It depends what plan god has for each pope - how long he wants every pope’s pontificate to be.



In any Pope, I suspect what is desired is a foundation in biblical, theological and traditional teachings - which would be the opposite of what Pope John Paul II and the modern Catholic Church have provided, with regard to teaching on the death penalty.

These references provide a thorough rebuke of the current Roman Catholic Church teachings against the death penalty and, particularly, deconstruct the many improper pronouncements made by the US Bishops.
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in a blog**** (replace dot)*** domid.blogspot(DOT)com/2007/05/amerio-on-capital-punishment.html
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NOTE: Thoughtful deconstruction of current Roman Catholic teaching on capital punishment by a faithful Catholic Vatican insider.

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