To all of the priests here at CAF


What made you want to become priests?
What has been the most fulfilling part about being a priest?
How has the priesthood changed you as a person? Has it?
What would you like tell young men discerning the priesthood?
Any additional comments about the priesthood, personal experiences, etc. you’d like to share?




Each and every question’s answer would exceed the 6000 character limit.


You might want to visit the Vocation Boom site, hosted by former CA host Jerry Usher.




What if only one or two of the questions were answered and in separate posts? The priesthood is such a beautiful vocation. It brings me much comfort to read about it.


I would think many priests here read and post anonymously. If you type your questions into YouTube you will get some of what you are looking for.



Not exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a few good starts:

Slightly dramatized, but relevant:


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