To all the New Catholics coming Home Tomorrow- Congratulations and Welcome Home!!!

All getting baptized tomorrow or received into the Church this Easter, 2012- Congratulations. Have an extra special Easter this year. :slight_smile:


I’m not a “new” Catholic but I am a “renewed” Catholic. I’ll be confirmed tomorrow, 10 years late!!

Thank you:) My Baptism was quite the experience! The most amazing Mass ever, I’d say. The Easter Vigil was so beautiful, something I’ll never forget. And so many people stuck around after to congratulate and welcome me - there was cake and food and pictures and hugs… It was just, awesome.

And today my two boys got Baptised, my mom - who’s never been in a church since she was a little girl - even came for it.

All in all, five adults and eight children became Catholics at our church in the past 24 hours. Quite good for a predominantly Muslim neighborhood I think. :slight_smile:

Happy Easter to you and yours,
Be blessed.

welcome home

I am SO happy to now be a part of Christ’s Church. I was confirmed this last Saturday and it was an amazing feeling. It’s been a long journey, but I’m finally home. Now … time to get to work!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome home! Are you an ex-Muslim?

The Easter Vigil is something to witness, without a doubt an experience. May the Lord be so pleased that the Divine assistance of the Holy Spirit always remain with you.


I went to the Easter Vigil on Saturday and watched all the baptisms. What a lovely Mass it was.

Congratulations to everyone baptized/confirmed/received into the Catholic Church! :slight_smile:

I was confirmed this last Saturday and it was an amazing feeling

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