To assist or not to assist at daily Mass?

So I’m an altarboy at my parish, and since I’ve been trained and know the basic rundown of the liturgy, and since I’m still on Summer holiday and go to daily Mass regularly, I want to assist the priest on daily Mass also. Some parishioners who go to daily Mass also suggested that I assist during the daily Mass because it makes the liturgy look better (someone to ring the altar bells, assist the priest in preparing the chalice, etc…)

I asked my priest after Mass this morning about it and he said that he has no problem if I assist at daily Mass and that it was up to me if I wanted to assist, but I asked another older altarserver (who also happens to be my godfather) and he told me that it’s unnecessary to assist at daily Mass and that there have never been any altarboys at the parish assisting at daily Mass. I really want to assist at daily Mass because I love being close to the altar and near the Holy Sacrifice and enhancing the liturgical experience of the congregation, but I feel somewhat obligated to obey my godfather to not assist at daily Mass… :shrug: So what should I do? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question.

Thanks and God bless.

My parish schedules alter boys for daily Mass - even 6:15am - all year long. I think you do what you want to. The priest has given you permission if you are interested. I would interpret your godfather’s statement to say that you don’t need to be obliged.

My question though is how much summer do you have left? Ifyou’ll be going back to school in a week or two, it probably doesn’t make any difference. Perhaps make plans to assist regularly next summer.

Oh thank you for the advice… Maybe I was just being scrupulous. I only have 2 weeks of Summer holiday left, and I’ll definitely make plans to assist at daily Mass next Summer or when I’m off during Christmas holidays and spring break. Sooo… I guess I’ll just assist until I go back to school.

I agree with Ms Sally; if your desire is to serve God and to be closer to God through that service, by all means, serve as often as you can!

God bless you and thank you for your service.

Priests certainly can celebrate mass without an altar server but I think they much prefer to have one. At our parish’s daily mass an older man (who used to be an altar server) serves at mass every day. Your priest already gave you the permission to serve if you want to, why would you ask the opinion of someone else?

The desire to assist at Mass is a wonderful desire.

In my parish we have about 80 to 100 people who attend daily Mass. Most, to say delicately, are 60+ and their serving is a wonderful testament to the power of their faith. Your youthfulness will also be a powerful witness.

I am sure you have been taught that as a server on the altar of GOD in assiting the Priest in the Holy Sacrafice of the Mass that the graces you receive are greater than those in the pews.
I travel a lot for business and attend daily Mass as often as possible, and always look to assit at Mass whenever the opportunity arrives.

Go, assist at every Mass you encounter from now to the end of your days, and know that every time you do, you please JESUS and receive boundless graces that move your closer and closer to the SACRED HEART OF JESUS.

If the priest has said he is happy the choice is yours and go and serve at the daily Mass. Our priest don’t want anyone in the week but they are all different. So if he has said yes and you want to then go for it and you are not letting your grandfather down by doing so. He said it is not necessary. He didn’t say you shouldn’t because he be angry if you did. He justs sees it unnecessary. I too serve at mass (female server) but in our church no one does weekday services because the priest is happy on his own. Each to their own if you want to then fine as you are not upsetting anyone

I would think those attending daily Mass would be blessed to see a young man serving the Lord. I would also think that Priest trumps godfather in this matter. He would be happy to have you assist. Even with 2 weeks left until school starts again go ahead. I’m sure your parents must be very proud of you.

Our parish also has an older man who assists with the daily Mass. It is great that you desire to serve and that your priest has agreed that you can serve. Thanks be to God.


+1. Serve when and where God calls you. Thanks for your desire to be of service to God and His church!

I see altarboys at daily mass when I go, at some parishes though,

I think you would make the mass more pleasant and more effeccient

and if you want to - I say go ahead!!!

I wish i had your Zeal

I say go for it. I loved serving as an altar boy when I was younger. I was the go-to altar boy for a few years. Our priest knew just where we sat and if nobody else showed up he’d come out, look toward our pew and point right at me. As much as I enjoyed serving, it was just as satisfying knowing they could rely on me to that degree.

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