To attend...or not?


Hello from a long time lurker…this may be a simply answered question, but I’m struggling and need some help with it.

I’m a cradle Catholic as is my family, but my Mother’s family (maternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) are mostly Presbyterian. Next weekend, we will be going to visit them for my Grandmother’s 80th birthday and our stay will include Sunday. In the past, we have always gone to Sunday service with them. I know that it is improper to receive their communion as we are NOT in communion with them doctrinally, but I’m beginning to wonder if we should attend at all.

I don’t want to cause any arguements or trouble within my family (esp for my Mom as they still don’t like that she converted when she married my Father), but I also don’t want commit a sin or give the impression that I agree with their church esp. to my 5 yr old daughter.

BTW, we will be attending Mass at the Catholic Church that Sunday regardless.

Thank you!


Unless you expect to hear something that us Anti-Catholic, or something that will be confuse to your daughter, I see no harm in going. You know not to receive communion and you are going to Mass as well. Sometimes family unity is important and and 80th birthday seems to be a time to put aside differences.

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Catholics are allowed to attend non-Catholic services for good reason. This reason is basically left up to the conscience of the person attending, but I’d say worshipping with family (especially for someone’s 80th birthday!) is a good reason. As long as you fulfill your Sunday obligation to go to Mass as well, it’s fine.


Yeah, this weekend I am starting a camp that is slanted to the Protestant side. They are having a “service” Sunday morning at the camp, so I am skipping out Saturday evening to get to Mass. I am part of the music staff so I’ll be needed for the Sunday morning deal, but I also know I need to start my week out with the Eucharist. I just try not to make a big deal out of it and they are very understanding.

When I visit my Protestant friends I will go with them to their church, but will go to Mass as well…if not I don’t feel like I’ve been to Church and I just went to a big Bible study with music. :slight_smile:


I agree. If it is not anti catholic, and you make it to mass, go ahead.


**Go…There shouldn’t be any problem with that. But, also go to Mass. That is what I do…I sometimes attend my husband’s church, but always attend Mass, too. **


Go and you can use this as a chance to teach your 5 y/o about the differences and help her grow in the Catholic faith


I would agree with ATEXASCATHOLIC. Though I am a Protestant myself, I find that is important to see where the other side is coming from so that a person can more firmly formulate why they believe what they believe. By attending, it may strengthen your faith. As far as your daughter, I don’t think that one visit is going to have an impact on her beliefs as long as you are promoting them strongly in your home life.


Attending should not be a problem, especially with such a small child. When they get older, then you need to discuss the differences with them so that they understand.

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