To Be A Priest


I don’t know if this has been posted before… but if not… enjoy… and find your self… respond to God’s call of love.

SEVEN Men Answer NINE Questions About the Road to Priesthood


Thank you : )


This is really great video. Thank you :)
And God bless you all


Thank you for helping . Have a good day. God bless, Vincent :)


I've seen this before. I've searched all over youtube for good discernment videos...haha. This is quite a good one!


This is from the vocations office of my diocese, Rockville Centre (on Long Island)! Our vocations director gave this video to me when I first met him - he’s on fire for the priesthood, as you can see from the videos. I think the Lord is working in our diocese, and this video is clearly doing great things for the larger Church.


Thank you for posting this, never saw it before, it struck a lot of nerves in me…


Very interesting.:)


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