To be blessed and to become a blessing


when i was in college, my catholic renewal youth group would once in a while find ways to reach out to our poor brethren and we sort of adopted one orphanage in particular whom we like to visit every now and then. we cook some snacks for the kids and schedule visit during the weekends so we can also help them out with their studies. it has been a long while for me since i went there so i asked a close friend, my aunt, 3 cousins, my younger brother and sister to come for a post christmas sharing with the kids. we cooked some spaghetti and other baked goodies for them and it was an unforgettable afternoon being blessed with their life and laughters again.
i thank god for today for having given my this chance during this time that i was able to get away from my busy life at the hospital during this holiday season. if you ask me now, i don’t want to ever come back but i know i have tasks to finish and other things waiting for me. but just for today, god smiled at me and reminded me of how good a life He can give if we just take it one day at a time and learn to look back or even see beyond what we can usually do whenever we have the time. i hope that these things will always remind us again and again that He works in ourl lives no matter the circumstances.
godbless us all.



God has a knack (!) of knowing what is good for us. I feel the same way about my teaching post. I get very, very tired and long for the day when I can give up work as I have a serious heart condition. Until God makes it possible then I will continue in obedience to do the work He sets before me.

God Bless you and enjoy the rest of your holiday!


May God continue to multiply what you have and faithfully provide for what you need, especially strength of mind and body.


Amen! Thank you, Claire… for this timely reminder of how tenderly Our Father in Heaven cares for each and every one of us. And thank you, also… for your example of Christian love and charity.

May all of us, carry “His work” into the coming year. And not keep it, for Christmas alone… but make it part of our daily lives.

God bless you and Happy New Year :snowing:


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