To Be Deep in History is to Cease to be Protestant

Curious…I am a bumper sticker fanatic. LOL I’ve been trying to find a bumper sticker that says" to be deep in history is to cease to be protestant"…but have been unsuccesful…anyone got a website?

oh cool! Thanks!

Can write the 95 theses on the your car door with a sharpie?:smiley:

I want one too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, all,

On a similar theme, I was very pleased with my new license plate frames from Custom Engraving Co –

Pray for us

Blessed J. H. Newman

Alas, Blessed John Henry’s name is a wee bit too long for the frame!

take care,
amsjj :slight_smile:

Jesus, God and man,
imprisoned by love in Thy most holy Sacrament,
have mercy upon us.
– Blessed John Henry Newman, December 22, 1851
(LD, XIV, 511).

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